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Mexico has the deepest undersea pit. There are hidden tunnels in the dark waters

The deepest sea sink in the world is Taam Ja’ off the coast of Mexico. New measurements revealed that the depth of the pit reaches more than four hundred meters. However, it is still not the bottom. Scientists have also discovered that in the depths there may be tunnels leading to the ocean as well as a unique variety of marine life. Therefore, they are planning further research using robots.

The Great Blue Hole is a very attractive place for tourists

| Photo: Wikimedia Commons, USGS, CC BY 2.0

The Taam Ja’ Blue Hole, located in Chetumal Bay off the coast of Mexico and Belize, is so deep that scientists still don’t know its end. Nevertheless, they are still trying to clarify this mystery. So far, they have managed to measure a depth of 420 meters, which makes the hole in the Caribbean the deepest sea sinkhole in the world. They refuted last year’s statement that it was second only to China Through the dragon hole.

A huge hole above the frozen sea in Antarctica has been a mystery for fifty years:

2017 satellite image of the Weddell polynya.

A giant hole the size of Austria has been a mystery in Antarctica for 50 years. Now the turning point has come

Last time, experts measured the depth of Taam Ja’ using a sonograph. The high-frequency acoustic waves disappeared at a depth of 274 meters, probably due to the lower layer of water with a different density. Therefore, experts believed that the sinkhole in South China Seawhich reaches a depth of 301 meters, she did not overcome.

But now a scientific team from the El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) research center used a different method to measure the depth. He anchored a vessel in the dark eye, from which he lowered a five-hundred-meter line with a device measuring pressure, temperature, and conductivity. The limestone and plaster walls of the blue hole dip at a slight angle, so the device ended up at a depth of more than four hundred meters.

Taam Ja’ off Mexico is the world’s deepest blue hole:

Source: Youtube

“We still haven’t hit rock bottom,” the manager said studies published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Marine Science Juan Carlos Alcérreca-Huerta. He added that the research team is determined to find out how deep it will go. Underwater robots could help them in their exploration.

Exploring the mysterious depths

During the current survey, Mexican scientists discovered that at a depth of more than four hundred meters there was a sudden change in water conditions, which then resembled those in Caribbean Sea. This suggested that the hole could have a tunnel connecting it to the ocean.

Here, biologists want to discover whether unknown marine animal species live inside the depression. In similar places, they discovered completely different forms of life.

Scientists have been exploring the depths of Taam Ja’ for a long time:

Source: Youtube

“There may be biologically diverse species in the depths that need to be recorded. They can create a unique habitat,” the researchers wrote in the study. They added that they wanted to dive in.

Asteroid remnant

Server Science Alert stated that Taam Ja’ is a sinkhole of karst origin, formed by geological processes. Many similar formations can be found on the Yucatán Peninsula, as both the land and the seabed are perforated similar to Emmental. Scientists estimate that there are approximately ten thousand depressions of various sizes in the area.

There is also a famous nearby Chicxulub Craterwhich formed 66 million years ago after the impact asteroid ending the life of the dinosaurs and the Mesozoic geological period. Experts speculate that this could be the cause of the unique shape of the local landscape.

At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean lies a crater:

The asteroid whose impact killed the dinosaurs may have had multiple fragments, according to scientists.  Crater after crater may now have been discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  illustrative photo

Scientists have found a giant crater at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It is more important than it seems

Nearby is another important sinkhole called The big blue hole. It is an almost perfect circle with a diameter of 300 meters and a depth of 124 meters. It is surrounded by a narrow strip of land. It is possible to observe schools of sharks and other animals in the water, which fascinates divers and oceanographers.

But man has left his mark in the previously clean natural environment. The 2018 expedition found a Coke bottle, a GoPro camera with photos and even two human bodies at the bottom. The authorities decided to keep them in the depths.

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