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Maybe I’ll throw in something, says Špotáková about the spear. Sons play soccer

In April, she became vice-president of the Czech Athletic Association (ČAS). In addition, Barbora Špotáková is training a group of young javelin throwers in Juliska, she does not rule out that she would also compete as an amateur this year. She is a full-time mother and leads her sons in sports. However, they do not engage in athletics, but use their genetic makeup as football players for now.

“Function vice president is voluntary. It’s done at work and basically nothing changes for me. I will look into the union organization and try to be helpful to athletics,” said the world record holder, holder of three Olympic medals and three-time world champion in an interview with Deník.

You took the place of the deceased official Jack Přibáň. Did the union offer you the post?
It occurred to the chairman of my parent club and the chairman of the Prague association. They convinced me, even when I resisted. (smiles) It decided that I wanted to give something back to athletics. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. It is for a year until the next election general meeting. Only then will it be seen if I can do it. If it makes sense for me to continue and run for office.

What will your job consist of?
I should deal with regional union officials and communicate their problems with ČAS management. I could also negotiate with regional authorities, for example, about the need to repair an athletics stadium somewhere. As the vice president of the union and at the same time a former representative, I would probably be able to explain to the representatives that athletics is the best sport for general development and that it is necessary to invest in it. I think regional politicians could be more accommodating to me. I’ll see if that’s actually the case. I don’t know anything yet.

The organizers have published the shape of the Olympic and Paralympic medals.

World athletics will reward Olympic winners. Everyone gets over a million crowns

You help athletics in another way, don’t you?
I am also involved in the Athletics for Children program. I appear at various events. So I don’t run out of functions.

Shortly before you, she joined the association as a coach of the national team for the sprints and hurdles section Zuzana Hejnová. Isn’t this a sign of the rejuvenation of union structures?
We didn’t know about each other that we would meet there… We were both surprised. In her case, it is about changes that head coach Pavel Sluka is trying to initiate. It is about improving relationships and communication in the athletic movement. I think the same could apply to Zuzka as to me. The weight of her personality can take a toll. It’s great that he has the will to do something. She could easily sit at home and take care of a small child. I wouldn’t have to either, but I think it’s good to give back. However, it is not certain in advance whether it will be successful.

Maybe I’ll fit in somewhere

How do you continue training at Juliska?
I have four charges between the ages of eighteen and twenty. They are both boys and girls and basically they are beginners. With a javelin, it takes some time to work your way up.

You said goodbye to your career in autumn 2022, but last year you entered four races. Is he considering something similar – for example helping the extra-league team Dukla – this year as well?
I don’t plan to compete in the extra league anymore, but maybe I can fit in somewhere. I don’t rule it out. (smiles)

Are you taking your sons to athletics?
They have enough time for athletics. Roman Šebrle or Petr Svoboda by sixteen they were running around the football field. I did all the sports. I didn’t know anything about the spear. It wasn’t until I was twenty-one that Honza Železný persuaded me to start throwing during the European Championships in Munich. Asking, for example, a thirteen-year-old girl to smash into a javelin when her elbow and shoulder are not yet properly developed is simply not possible. You only need to pick up a spear at eighteen. In children, I see reserves in general readiness, which is a matter of the concept of physical education.

Sprinter Letsile Tebogo

Will the Bolt phenomenon lose records? A miraculous sprinter flew from the football fields

Children’s physical fitness is declining. The foundation should come from the parents. It is a mistake to think that a child will become an athlete if I take him to training or to a club twice a week. It’s about daily movement so that boys and girls can run and jump. It is starting to be talked about, hopefully it will improve.

Let’s get back to your sporting offspring.
The boys might get into athletics one day. They are gifted in sports, but for now they play football and the younger ones are also trying hockey. They put him in the soccer goal in Unhošt, and I think I should look for a goalkeeping coach. I think he has it in him. (smiles) The elder has already completed his first transfer, SK Kladno chose him. I was a little against it, because it suited me that we rode bicycles to training in Unhošt. Now we have to commute to Kladno, but he is excited about it. We take it as a shift for him.

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