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Mauro Cezar calls Daronco ‘missing’ after Maycon’s entry into Endrick: “Terrible” | Fans

Commentator criticized refereeing at Derby

Credit: (Reproduction – Jovem Pan Esportes)

The classic between Corinthians and Palmeiras stood out for being a match without large spaces and many fouls. At the end of the match, Endrick changed the tone of the game with more speed and depth, in a counterattack he received an excessive tackle from Maycon who received an expulsion after initially being penalized with a yellow card and receiving notification from the VAR to make it it red.

Due to the proximity of the move, the play not being classified as a direct red card was the subject of criticism from many Palmeiras fans, as well as sports commentators. Participating in the Bate Pronto program, journalist Mauro Cezar joined the complaints:

– Suddenly the guy missed the target, he wanted to throw a slap and missed the target. I can’t say that Oc Ara deliberately committed evil to break the boy. But, regardless of anything, the entry is very violent, it is absurd that Daronco is on the side and he did nothing, he just followed the move, advantage, Palmeiras could have scored a goal, face to face, but he correctly sent it continue, but at the time when the game was supposed to give a red card to Maycon, it did not do so, only when it was notified by VAR.

Regarding the move itself, journalist Mauro Cezar stated that he did not justify it, but reflected that due to the athlete’s playing style, it is likely that this type of entry will be repeated on several occasions. Next, in the journalist’s approach, it is important that Endrick has a “defense mechanism” for similar moves.

Finally, he reflected that, regardless of whether the violent entry was deliberate or accidental, an appropriate punishment is applicable. And he blasted Maycon, classifying him as “incompetent”, as he was unable to avoid the counterattack that ended with Breno Lopes’ missed goal.

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