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March 7 strike. The demonstration seen by the children: “if we don’t act, we will have it at 85, we will retire!”

demonstration pension reform Clisson March 7, 2023
Charlîne, Agnès, Louise and Héloïse are between 9 and 10 years old. They had fun participating in this demonstration in Clisson against the pension reform. Especially when they were invited to hit that big foam number 64 with little sticks. ©HSM

“If we don’t act, we will have it at 85, we will retire! », « And even that at some point, there will be no retirement at all for us! » Charlîne, Agnès, Louise, Héloïse and Siméon are between 9 and 10 years old and go to Clisson (Loire Atlantique) and have energy to spare.

” It’s funny “

So when, in full procession against pension reform this Tuesday, March 7 in the medieval city, they are offered to tap with small pieces of wood on a number 64 cut out of foam, they are having a field day. “It’s fun”, they laugh, happy to be “among friends”.

“In Nantes, there were tear gas, it was less cool”

For all, this expression East a first, except for Agnès, 9, who has already paraded in Nantes. “But there were CRS and tear gas, it was less cool! ” Effectively. AT Clisson, the atmosphere is friendly. Even family.

“We expected it, that’s why I offered my children to come”, explains Stéphane, a resident of the town who thought of demonstrating for “the first time in (his) life”, before leaving. remember of a motorcade that he had joined as a student. “It’s going up! »

demonstration pension reform Clisson March 7, 2023
At 12, Jad came to demonstrate for the first time in his life this Tuesday, March 7 in Clisson. With his father, Stéphane, they thought of an original slogan to mark the occasion. ©HSM

“Let children learn to think for themselves”

For his son Jad on the other hand, it is certain, it is a discovery. AT 12 years. And to mark the occasion, he proudly erects a sign At evocative slogan that they invented together: “We are in a dirty state!!! »

“I didn’t think there would be so many people,” smiles this young man, who would also like to be able to mobilize for the defense of animal welfare, a subject that particularly affects him.

We are not by nature contentious. But children are interested in current affairs, so we explain to them, in simple words, so that they can develop their own way of thinking.

Stéphane, Jad’s father, 12 years old

A little further, Joanna, 11 years oldalso holds at arm’s length a sign with a slogan that she herself came up with : “64 is no pie!! “.

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demonstration pension reform Clisson March 7, 2023
Joanna, 11, from La Chapelle-Heulin, asked to come with her mother, Anna. She invented her own slogan and made her sign. ©HSM

“We talk about it at school”

“It rhymed well”, smiles the one who, like Jad, chose to be there. “We are from La Chapelle-Heulin and we saw a sign on the road announcing the demonstration. I said I would go and she wanted to come with me,” says Anna, her mother.

At school, we talk about it, so it interests me. I think it’s good, it’s fun!

Joanna, 11, taking part in her first protest
demonstration pension reform Clisson March 7, 2023
Timéo proudly wears a CFDT chasuble and cap, like his grandparents and “the whole team” he accompanies. ©HSM

“Show him the values ​​of solidarity that we defend”

Timéo, on the other hand, seems to have less fun, even if 7 years, he comes with heartily His grand-parentsretirees who have always been unionized.

“There was no school today so it was an opportunity to show him what it is. And that he sees that solidarity is important, because it is a value that we defend in trade unionism”, claims Michel who, as soon as they get home, will go and do some tinkering with his grandson in the garden to congratulate him. After removing the CFDT chasuble and cap which they wear proudly.

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