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Major hospital project in Saint-Malo and Dinan: “In 2028, it will be a reality”

François Cuesta wishes Saint-Malo hospital 2023
François Cuesta, director of the Rance Emeraude Hospital Group, during the vows ceremony at Saint-Malo hospital, Tuesday January 17, 2023. ©Le Pays Malouin

Compulsory exercise for any vows ceremony: the results of the past year and the prospects for the future… Saint-Malo hospitalTuesday, January 17, in front of about thirty doctors who came to claim “beds and caregivers”, this was done through an institutional video and then in the more classic form of a speech. That of François Cuesta, director of the Rance Émeraude Hospital Group (GHRE), will have insisted in particular on recruitments and investments since he took office here in May 2019.

“The GHRE has 3,785 full-time equivalent agents, i.e. 266 more than in 2018, including 35 additional full-time medical equivalents. That’s 354 million in annual spending, a quarter more than four years ago. »

An increase in activity…

François Cuesta also notes a significant increase in activity, in emergencies but also in MCO (Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics). These are the supports day hospital outpatients increase the most: “50% increase”, going from 15,326 to 23,110.

“The operating room activity has also progressed, following quality and diversified recruitment in surgery, the result of strong collaboration with the University Hospital of Rennes. »

… and investments

François Cuesta ensures that “we will of course continue to recruit in 2023”. And he announces new equipmentand works for the Saint-Malo hospital: “construction of a modular building in April to free up space for additional medical activity; creation of a “fast track” to improve day surgery circuits in the summer (“fast-track” consists of promoting rapid recovery after an operation, editor’s note); repositioning and extension of the medical day hospital; work to extend outpatient consultations at the end of 2023 – beginning of 2024; new facilities and equipment for rhythmology, end of 2023; installation of a second scanner on the site at the end of 2023 – beginning of 2024″.

In the longer term, François Cuesta of course mentions the Major Hospital Project. “In 2028, it will be a reality. Avoiding the tense subject of the location of the future hospital in health territory N°6, which will concentrate critical care and childbirth, he nevertheless recalls its necessity:

“Those who live in the Saint-Malo hospital center know that the structure, which is more than half a century old, already saturated, very landlocked and a real thermal sieve, will not be able to continue its course like this for much longer. (…) The Major Project will enable an appropriate, organised, responsible response to the health needs of populations. »

Architectural proposals

Basically, we are “at stage 2”, after a hearing before the National Commission for Health Investments, on the technical and financial aspects (the overall project is estimated at 370 million euros). A report is to follow. After which, “we will launch two public calls for applications: one for the future territorial hospital, the other for the major restructuring from Dinan hospital. In April, a jury will select three candidates for each operation. They will receive the specifications and will be able to submit their architectural proposals by the end of the year.

Gilles Lurton, as chairman of the hospital’s supervisory board, also calls for this “more modern equipment expected by all”. “We must not let this opportunity pass,” he said, hoping “for answers in the days to come”.

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