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Magalie Barbier said goodbye to the town hall of Rugles

Magalie Barbier spoke to elected officials and city hall officials. ©Le Réveil Normand

There was emotion, of course. A few tears too. Eleven years after his arrival as Director General of Services of the town hall of Rules (Eure), Magalie Barbier say goodbye to his former colleagues and elected officials on the occasion of a drink organized on March 1st.

The former DGS had a little word for each of the elected officials. Kind attention with a few hints of humor. “I was happy to show you that you can be a woman and have knowledge of public works,” she smiled towards an elected official.

Mayor, I was proud to be your right-hand man as mayor all this time. You were very busy, but present when needed. I had at heart, as I often say, to manage the shop by means, faithful to my values ​​of loyalty, hard work and fairness.

Magalie Barbier

The “Orchestra Leader”

Denis Guitton, mayor of Rugles, also greeted his director in a friendly speech. “We found you nice from the start, we did not regret your arrival. The mayor praised the networking capacity of his DGS, his mastery of files and his ability to be “the conductor of the services”.

He returned to the difficult moments that marked the various mandates, but which made it possible to build trust with the teams. “I say it often, but I’m quite busy. If I can’t count on a competent team, I couldn’t do it alone, ”analyzes the mayor. Magalie Barbier has indicated her wish to return to Rugles. “If we can get a real restaurateur to come, I’ll be happy to come back for a weekend,” she promised.

The evening naturally ended with a drink with elected officials and relatives of the town hall. Magalie Barbier had only two days off before taking up her new duties as mayor of Ezy-sur-Eure. In the audience, his replacement, Thomas Aubert, from the Interco Normandie sud Eure, will take up his duties on April 1st. “Now you can leave,” said the mayor friendly.

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