M6 launches “Destination X” a new adventure game in a new format


Destination X is the new adventure game from M6
Thomas BRAUT / M6 / Thomas BRAUT / M6 Destination X is the new adventure game from M6

Thomas BRAUT / M6 / Thomas BRAUT / M6

Destination X is the new adventure game from M6

TELEVISION – After Beijing ExpressThe Island, or even Koh Lanta, a new type of adventure will arrive on the small screen. A mix between fiction and adventure game, this is what the new adventure game announced by M6 promises. Destination takes ten candidates, called “the passengers” on a road trip across Europe. The objective of this trip? Find out where they are located on the continent. The thing about the game is that they actually have no idea where they are.

Passengers will travel across Europe for a journey of approximately one month. On board the “BUS ” where are they ? »

Here it is impossible to admire the landscape, each time they will only discover a small part of the place where they are. The goal of the game is to find their location at each stage until the final destination.

To help each other, they will also participate in games on the ground to collect clues. Events that combine culture and team or individual sport. But even if the atmosphere is intended to be friendly, they must not forget that the adventure is above all played solo.

At the end of each episode, candidates aged 20 to 60 will have to position their X on the map. The one who makes the proposal furthest from the group’s real position will leave the adventure.

A face known to the public in animation

Destination is adapted from a Flemish show which enjoyed great success when it was broadcast in Belgium on the Belgian channel VTM. A success which pushed six countries including France to adapt the game internationally. For this French version, the show has undergone some modifications, notably on the route plan.

If when hearing “adventure around the world”, many think of the master of the format, Stéphane Rotenberg, iconic host of Beijing Expressthe production chose a new face to embody Destination It’s Philippe Bas, actor (Profiling), who will animate this new game. Accustomed to action series, adventure is an area with which he is familiar. During the presentation conference of Destination which HuffPost attended this Wednesday, November 22, the latter described the game “ daring “.

Viewers will also have to investigate

Unlike other adventure shows, like Koh Lanta Or Beijing Express, here the viewers will not be taken into the confidence. Even if they will be able to observe more of the landscape, the location of the group will not be revealed to them.

So, from their sofa, viewers will have to keep their eyes peeled throughout the show to find out. Before the show ends, viewers will be able to play on 6play and suggest a location.

As a result, two plane tickets can be won each evening. And for those who have found the final destination, the production promises an even more incredible journey.

Season 1 of Destination was filmed in September, for 28 days. The channel has not yet indicated when it will be broadcast.

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