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LUSSAN Two years after the fire, the production site of the Gravier laboratory is operational again

In October 2021, a violent fire affected the Gravier laboratory in Lussan. It led to the total destruction of the production site. The latter is once again fully operational.

Impressive images of the manufacturing workshops of the Gravier laboratory, destroyed by the flames. • archive photo Marie Meunier

Indeed, the laboratory announces the completion of the last phase of work and installation of its equipment. The complete reopening of the Lussan site allows the resumption of full activity on its French and international markets, as well as the return to work of all of its teams. As a reminder, the site manufactures cosmetics and cleaning products. The laboratory owns organic brands such as Cosmonaturel, CeBio and L’Artisan Savonnier.

The Director General’s statement

Rémi Clero, the general director: “The building has been received, the exterior and interior fittings are completed: the laboratory can now resume its activity at full speed. In May 2022, the production of solid cosmetics had already been ensured in a workshop temporary own, whose activity was recently reintegrated on the Lussan site since March 2023. Last July, the production of cleaning products was re-internalized, as was the cosmetics activity in mid-August . The factory is therefore once again able to carry out its production in its entirety.”

This reopening comes after a long process. After the emergency measures, it was necessary to go through studies, obtain permits, examine the new certification criteria, etc., to begin the reconstruction at the beginning of 2022. The choice was to stay within the place Gard history of the laboratory. A motivated choice “by maintaining employees and the desire to perpetuate their know-how in an optimal working environment“, assures the laboratory in a press release.

“The reconstruction project was intended to be ambitious”

This reconstruction was baptized “Phoenix project” and places an important place “the preservation of animal fauna, the reduction of air pollution, the preservation of water and soil, and energy considerations of the future“, it is indicated in this same press release. And to add: “The reconstruction project was intended to be ambitious with a higher capacity factory, reflecting choices that meet ever stricter operational standards. Thus, the new factory is adapted to the needs of the laboratory’s brands and the requirements required by contract work on behalf of other client companies and private label brands..”

In terms of security too, the site has been redesigned: retracing the traffic flow of delivery trucks and emergency vehicles, better insulation and materials resistant to bad weather, storms, global warming, floods and fire… To do so energy savings, LED lighting were installed as well as an electrical regulation system.

Photovoltaics, water savings, ergonomics, quality of life at work…

The Gravier laboratory has also chosen fossil energy-free equipment. “Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the factory in early 2024. They will power the factory and the surplus will be re-injected into the electricity network. Four electric car charging stations are available free of charge to employees and visitors“, it is specified in the press release.

To save water, “the laboratory has also planned the installation of a wastewater treatment plant to treat its washing water; the long-term objective will be to reuse this water in cleaning products.” The infrastructures have been optimized and high-performance equipment has been integrated into the new production site to improve the quality of life at work for employees, in particular a gym and relaxation area.

For greater ergonomics and comfort, “some production lines have been automated“and were put in place”assistance devices to reach heavy loads, allow employees to work with complete peace of mind“Finally, the company explains that it has benefited from this period of restructuring.”to strengthen Research & Innovation and pursue continuous improvement of processes“.


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