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Long prison sentence for fatal headshot in Frankfurt |

A 42-year-old was sentenced to eleven years in prison by the Frankfurt Regional Court for killing a business partner with a shot in the head. The judges assumed it was complete manslaughter.

Police forensic investigators in white suits examine the crime scene in Frankfurt-Praunheim, where a man was shot

“The defendant acted with clear intent to kill,” the Frankfurt regional court explained its verdict on Thursday.

The act had happened At the beginning of December 2022 in Frankfurt-Praunheim occurred. At that time, the 42-year-old defendant shot his 38-year-old business partner four times in the upper body on the street before then shooting him in the head.

The two men had previously argued over payment arrangements for a deal involving Russian vaccines. The defendant admitted the crime during the trial, which lasted several weeks.

The victim brought the murder weapon with him

The jury assessed the fact that the later victim apparently massively threatened the perpetrator as a mitigating factor. The defendant and his wife reported this as witnesses.

The victim even brought the murder weapon with him to the meeting. When the opponent pointed the pistol at him, he disarmed the man and fired himself, the defendant said.

Although the public prosecutor’s closing statement repeatedly referred to an “execution” of the victim, the court found no evidence of this – and therefore no evidence of murder.

murder criteria not met

The person killed was neither innocent nor defenseless – a malicious murder was therefore ruled out. There was also no evidence of greed or the concealment of previous crimes. The decision is not yet final.

The prosecution had requested twelve years in prison, the defense no more than nine years. Both had also been convicted of total manslaughter.

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