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Liver Regeneration Elixir: “God’s Scourge” which you can collect and grow

The King of Herbs or the Scourge of God. Even so, it is popularly called rapeseed. Already ancient healers believed in its power and during magical ceremonies it served as protection against all evil. Rapeseed really helps with many health problems from colds to diarrhea. The substances contained in it show strong anti-inflammatory effects. Rapeseed intensively stimulates the activity of the gallbladder and helps detoxify the liver. It also improves fat metabolism and cholesterol levels. Read when to collect it, what to dry and how to prepare it as a life booster for your liver.

Rapeseed helps with liver detoxification.

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Kateřina Winterová on the healing effects of rape:

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The liver is the largest organ in the human body and also our largest gland. An adult weighs an average of 1.5 kilograms. They also have a very important job. “The liver performs more than five hundred different activities, and twenty-two of them are absolutely necessary for life. They are called a detoxification factory, and it’s a really apt name,” he told Deník in the article Let’s protect our liver doctor Dalibor Pastucha.

The liver makes bile, which is stored in the gallbladder and helps digest fats.

“They store glucose in the form of glycogen and maintain blood sugar levels. They convert excess amino acids into urea, which is then excreted by the kidneys,” Dalibor Pastucha listed some of the liver’s tasks.

The superfood beetroot is also great as a natural liver cleanser.

Natural liver cleanser: heals and helps lose weight. In addition, it is cheap and tasty

Therefore, we should not unnecessarily burden this organ with unhealthy food such as fried foods or alcohol. On the contrary, we should do everything to keep our liver healthy and fully functional.

Where canola grows

Rapeseed is a perennial that grows to almost a meter in height. With its small, bright yellow flowers arranged in spike-like clusters, it resembles a bit of divina. It grows mainly on drier calcareous meadows and slopes. But you can also grow it very well, it just doesn’t like nitrogenous soils.

“Rapeseed can be grown in the garden or in the greenhouse, but it requires a shady place,” the magazine specifies Condition. You can make tea, tincture, gargle, bath or even ointment from rapeseed.

Rapeseed is a perennial plant.  It grows to almost a meter in height.Rapeseed is a perennial plant. It grows to almost a meter in height.Source: Shutterstock

“Rose tea has great relaxing effects, it will help you with stomach aches, digestive problems and support liver health. If you choose an ointment, you can use it to heal wounds and skin problems,” says Kondice.

How to pick and dry rapeseed

Rapeseed flowers from June to September and its flowers have a spicy smell. The flowering stem is also collected with ground leaves. At the same time, it is recommended to cut the herb higher above the ground, so that it can regenerate and not perish due to our intervention.

“Cut the stems ten centimeters above the ground. The flowering part of the plant is mainly used, either fresh or dried. Let them dry in bundles hung in a well-ventilated dark place, or in thin layers spread out on sieves. When drying in dryers, the temperature must not exceed 50 °C,” advises the website AG Fondswhich provides information on the cultivation and medicinal properties of various plants.

One of the herbs that you can grow on the balcony and which helps in the fight against health problems, but also with extra pounds, is basil.

It grows outside the window, has antioxidant effects, and the tea made from its leaves is called liquid yoga

Rapeseed drying should be quick. If the herb turns brown, it is no longer usable. The collected parts should then not contain ripe fruits.

“The roots and rhizomes of rapeseed are dug up in autumn, after the seeds have ripened. After cleaning and rinsing with running water, place them to dry on sieves, for example on the ground. You can also dry them in the dryer at a temperature not exceeding 60 °C. Dried rapeseed can be stored for up to 2 years, preferably in paper packaging. Then store the roots in cloth bags or wooden crates,” advises AG Fonds.

You can also buy canola in dried form at pharmacies or health food stores.

Helper for the liver

Rapeseed mainly contains tannins, triterpene compounds, silicic acid, iron, organic acids, choline, flavonoids, bitters and a small amount of saponins. This herb has the most effective effect on the activity of the gallbladder and liver. It improves the metabolism of fats and thus cholesterol, stimulates digestion and suppresses inflammation.

The simple drink is composed of foods that should benefit the liver and intestines and support the health of the digestive tract.

A simple drink to cleanse the liver and intestines helps the body. Our grandmothers also used it

The traditional use of rapeseed as an antioxidant and herb with an anti-inflammatory effect has been demonstrated, for example, by 2017 studywhich investigated the effects of an infusion from this plant.

“The results suggest that its polyphenols in canola contribute to this activity, which may be useful in the development of new and beneficial antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and/or peripheral analgesics. In addition, rapeseed contains other substances (namely isoquercetin, tiliroside and kaempferol O-acetyl-hexosyl-O-rhamnoside, note. ed.), which were to be considered as key molecules for designing new pharmacophores used to treat pathologies related to oxidation and inflammation,” the study suggests the possibility of further uses of rapeseed.

What can rapeseed be used for:

Source: Youtube

“Role is suitable for long-term administration, however, like other herbs, it should not be used permanently. It can be successfully served alone, but it is also a proven part of mixtures. To support liver function, it is combined with dandelion, chicory, rose flower, milk thistle seed, wormwood or chernobyl and calendula flower,” he recommended iRecipe.

He also added a recipe for medicinal tea to improve liver function according to Herbarium of medicinal plants:

  • Pour 500 ml of boiling water over 15 g of rapeseed
  • Cover and let it infuse for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Strain and drink daily 2 to 3 cups of tea sweetened with honey before meals.

For liver problems and liver abscesses, we use 35 to 70 g of juice from fresh fennel.

Professor Velenovsky’s liver mixture

The diary earlier in the article with the title Rapeseed: The king of herbs he gave a recipe for medicinal tea. It was recommended for liver by Professor Josef Velenovský, the first Czech botanist from the interwar period.

A mixture for your liver:

  • 25 grams of rapeseed
  • 20 grams of swallowtail seeds
  • 20 grams of ground smoke
  • 20 grams of chicory

We prepare one tablespoon of the above mixture tea. We use it twice a day for three weeks, we will support so liver regeneration.

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