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Lisieux: the Sospeso coffee shop introduces exceptional coffees

Nicolas Nithart opened the Sospeso coffee shop, rue au Char.
Nicolas Nithart opened the Sospeso coffee shop, rue au Char, in Lisieux (Calvados). ©The Pays d’Auge

At Sospeso, coffee is an exceptional product. Opened at 16 rue au Char in Lisieux (Calvados), opposite the Halle Saint-Jacques, this coffee shop offers “a taste experience” with specialty coffees from all over the world (Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, Congo, Indonesia…).

A parallel with oenology

Like a sommelier who will recommend one or two wines according to the customer’s tastes and the content of his plate, the barista, Nicolas Nithart, first discusses with the person before preparing his roasted beverage before his eyes.

“I often draw a parallel with oenology. As with wine, the quality of coffee depends on several parameters: the selection and origin of the beans, the roasting method, the way the beans are ground, the extraction time, the temperature of the water used… I have nothing to hide, on the contrary even. It is important to know the product that we are going to consume”.

Nicolas Nithart.

The map will rotate

After a career in communication and marketing which led him to travel a lot, Nicolas Nithart wanted to “land” and live from his passion.

“Every time I travel, I have discovered incredible coffees. I want to share these discoveries with my clients”. The barista works with two roasters from Normandy, Shrub in Caen and The Smoking Zebra in Alencon. “My coffee menu is going to change. I buy in small quantities so as not to lose quality and preserve the flavors”.

At Sospeso (suspended in Italian), the espresso is 2 euros. For specialty coffee, count 3.50 to 4 euros.

Upcoming cultural events

A former music columnist, Nicolas Nithart is also keen on culture. His coffee shop, whose godmother is none other than the writer Amanda Sthers, author of the book The Suspended Cafe and series… Cafe Camerahas planned to organize evening cultural events such as public readings, screenings of short films and concerts.

The first meeting is this weekend. Sospeso participates in the 7th Reading Night.

Videos: currently on Actu
Sospeso, 16 rue au Char, in Lisieux. Open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Brunch on Sunday morning by reservation. Phone Email: (email protected)

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