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leader opens the game about delays in wages

Atlético-MG manager opens the game about delays in wages

In recent weeks, the news appeared in the press that Atlético-MG would be pending wages for players in the current squad.

In an interview given to “BandSports”, this Tuesday, the 7th, Rodrigo Caetano clarified what is happening behind the scenes at the Minas Gerais club and classified the problem as “one-off”:

“These delays we are experiencing are very punctual. I’m going into my third season here, and even before this kind of thing didn’t exist, back in 2020. It’s a specific problem, which is already being resolved.”

At the end of February, Galo paid part of the delays, referring to the image rights that had expired on January 20. However, payment for the images due in February and part of the 13th salary are still missing.

Payments to players are made on the 5th business day of each month (CLT salaries), and every 20th (image rights, which can correspond to a maximum of 40% of total remuneration).

Lower budget compared to rivals

Still in an interview, Rodrigo Caetano opened the game about Atlético-MG’s budget reality, but warned of higher expenses:

“Our reality is that we have half of Palmeiras’ budget and a third of Flamengo’s. That’s what we have to adapt to and strictly stay within budget. Our cast assembly is mostly done through pre-contracts. So we have the chance to dilute this value throughout the athlete’s contract.”

Finally, the executive director highlighted that Arena MRV will increase the collection of Galo in the matches, which will help the club with the budget issue:

“With the arrival of Arena MRV, we believe that we will boost the club’s revenues, so that we can get closer to those opponents who earn more than Galo, such as Corinthians and São Paulo”

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