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LE VIGAN “Here from elsewhere” at the Château d’Assas

The Gard departmental council presents with the École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nîmes (Esban), a contemporary art exhibition “Here from elsewhere”, at the castle of Assas – Le Vigan, from March 17 to 30, 2023.

The contemporary art exhibition presented at the Château d’Assas, from March 17 to 30, 2023, mobilized several partners from the departmental council for the occasion. Indeed, the union was strength and the School of Fine Arts of Nîmes (Esban), the municipalities of Vigan, Avèze, Aumessas and the United Protestant Church of France (EPUdF) of Viganais played the game of the collective.

The Château d'Assas in Vigan (Photo Wikicommons).

The Château d’Assas in Vigan (Photo Wikicommons). • The Château d’Assas in Vigan (Photo Wikicommons).

With a group of students, most of whom came from the “plastic” research and creation workshop, Esban wanted to think about a project outside of school and off the marked paths of art such as t is most often shown and perceived today.

“Ici d’ailleurs” is interested in a new generation of artists attentive to diversity, reassessments of historical interpretation and the environment. These young creators and creators find, through new modes of expression, innovative proposals which do not fail to surprise by their processes, their motives and their points of view.

The twelve Esban artists who took part in the project are: Hamza Amarir, Quentin Blanchard, Noémie Cartailler-Combe, Patite, Lili-Marie Delattre, Alix Di Jusco, Django, Jade Lesieur-Bridel Sijing Li, Héloïse Taunay, Lisa Vandenhelsken and Malik Mohamed Yahiaoui.

Well thought out work

In reality, as early as 2013, a project had been carried out with the esban: art, territory and contextuality, through a seminar, thematic conferences with local actors during the school year, then an exhibition at the Château d’Assas .
In 2023, Christian Debize, director general of the École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nîmes, wished to renew the collaboration.

With “Ici d’ailleurs” the stakes are no longer the same. The places of presentation have been extended to Vigan, Avèze, Aumessas, with two temples, a park, a curial house, while retaining a rallying point at the Château d’Assas.
The teaching team, made up of Isabelle Viallat, Dror Endeweld and Jean-Claude Gagnieux, is placed under the responsibility of Augustin Pineau, four artists who work in particular with objects, sound, language sciences and concepts.

The facade of the Esban in Nîmes naturally (Photo Anthony Maurin Archives)

Between 2021 and 2022, twelve volunteer students have therefore been brought together to carry out this action in a rural area through a plurality of mediums of expression, including digital. Many subjects shake society while fracturing it: ecology, gender inequalities, discrimination linked to sexuality, decolonialism, multiculturalism, theories of “care”, xenophobia, migrations, the authorized representation of minorities, theartwashing

The collective presentation of the Esban questions the family origins and the transmission, the traceability, knowing where one comes from, the spatio-temporal memory, the location and the superterrestrial beliefs of the living.

The president of Esban, Daniel-Jean Valade, is happy to live “at the heart of G’Art… Art is universal and the Gard asserts itself as a rich space for creation. What an excellent idea, for young artists, to go and encounter the Cévennes lands whose rigor, volumes, shifting tones over the hours and days fertilize the “duende”. Immersing themselves in the universe of the upper cantons of Gard will have allowed Esban students to discover a generous universe, but one that has to be earned! Such will have been the case by and for the artists in the making whose perception, gaze, and actions offer us a new vision. May each player in this initiative be warmly thanked for this innovative and fruitful initiative!

Free admission from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Château d’Assas at 11 rue des Barris in Le Vigan. Tel:

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