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Labor Day: Lieferando employees join union protests |

Drivers of the food delivery service Lieferando went on strike in Frankfurt on the May holiday. They protested for higher wages. Across Hesse, thousands of people gathered at rallies on Labor Day and demanded better working conditions.

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Lieferando drivers stopped work for several hours on Wednesday. The food-pleasure-restaurants union (NGG) called for this. In Frankfurt, according to initial estimates, around 50 employees joined a demonstration in the city center.

When asked by the dpa news agency, a spokesman for the delivery service said that consumers could continue to order. No restrictions are expected, neither for consumers nor for restaurant partners.

A minimum hourly wage of 15 euros is required

The NGG is calling for a separate collective agreement for Lieferando employees. “ Lieferando has been turning a deaf ear for over a year. Especially after the high inflation of the last few years, a collective agreement is more than overdue,” said NGG department head Mark Baumeister.

The NGG demands an hourly wage of at least 15 euros and the payment of a 13th month’s salary. She also wants to enforce higher surcharges for evening, Sunday and public holiday shifts. Lieferando employees in Frankfurt went on strike just over a year ago.

The employer, in turn, points out that the working conditions at Lieferando are above average compared to the industry. The hourly wage is 14 euros and all drivers are employed directly by Lieferando. There are surcharges for work during peak hours as well as other bonuses and flat rates.

17,000 people at May rallies

May rally on the Römerberg in Frankfurt.

Across Hesse, around 17,000 people took to the streets on Labor Day to demand more pay, more free time and more safety, as the Hesse-Thuringia district of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) announced on Wednesday. According to the DGB, around 5,000 people came together for the central rally in Hesse on Frankfurt’s Römerberg alone.

Among the participants were Mayor Mike Josef (SPD) and the co-federal chairwoman of the Left Party, Frankfurt member of the Bundestag Janine Wissler. Further rallies in Hesse were called for in Wiesbaden, Kassel, Gießen, Fulda and Darmstadt, among others.

The DGB district chairman Michael Rudolph said that collective bargaining was the decisive factor for good income and working conditions. Employees in companies with collective bargaining agreements earned significantly more and worked an hour less than employees in companies not bound by collective agreements. The unions are fighting to ensure that significantly more people receive collective wages.

Pyrotechnics at the rally in the evening

In the evening there was a rally at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt under the motto: “May 1st – prices down! Stop rearmament!” instead of. The police discovered several violations. Some participants were masked. Pyrotechnics were also ignited. A police officer was slightly injured in the head by flying sparks.

DGB boss: Stop right-wing extremists

At the general meeting of the DGB in Hanover, federal chairwoman Yasmin Fahimi condemned employers’ collective bargaining and emphasized the role of trade unions in democracy. She called for right-wing extremists and populists to be stopped.

“Trade unions are the solidarity-based association of employees to develop self-organized power – independent of governments,” she said. (More on

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