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LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Monday, October 2, 2023

Like every day from Monday to Friday, discover the essential sports news from Gard in a few pieces of information.

Nimes Olympic

A new lawn. For weeks or even several months, Frédéric Bompard has rightly despaired about the pitiful state of the Bastide grounds. But the technician should see one of his wishes soon granted. Since this Monday, the management of the lawns of the Crocodiles training center has fallen into the hands of the Idverde company, which won the new contract and which already manages the green rectangle of the Antonins stadium. With this change, field number 2 will experience a second youth. The NO coach is looking forward to this and he knows the work schedule very well: “ It will be necessary to scalp the grass, then it is necessary to prick the earth and sand the ground. Finally we sow the new grass! ». These operations take time and in the best case scenario, the new lawn could be usable around January 2024. Better late than never.

Frédéric Bompard raised his voice this morning • Photo: Anthony Maurin

Bompard raises its voice. The Nîmes are experiencing a resurgence in form and on Friday they won their second consecutive victory this season in Cholet (2-0). This is only the second time since the arrival of Frédéric Bompard that this has happened. The last time was last January with successes against Niort (3-2) and Guingamp (2-1), in Ligue 2. The NO coach insisted, this morning, that his players do not fall into overconfidence. During the first training of the week, Frédéric Bompard gave voice. “Faster, more toned!” » asked the technician. On a workshop made of short passes, the coach wanted more investment: “ You sleep ? There is no such thing as a good pass! Put your feet right side up ». The coach’s words obviously had the desired effect, since the intensity of the session increased a notch.

Diallo and Labonne resumed the race this Monday • Photo: Norman Jardin

Mendy injured in an ankle, Labonne resumes the race. This is one of the bad news of the day. This morning, during training, central defender Formose Mendy complained of pain in his ankle. The staff immediately asked him to stop his session and it was limping that the NO captain returned to the locker room. “It should be fine, I hope he will be on the field tomorrow,” confided Frédéric Bompard. It is therefore this Tuesday that we will learn a little more about the injury of the man who (with Guessoum) has not missed a single minute this season. On the other hand, we know more about the condition of Lucas Dias’ knee, who underwent an MRI at the end of last week. “ The internal ligament is affected and the external ligament is partially ruptured », Explains Sébastien Larcier, the sports director of NO. The operation seems more and more likely for the Nîmes goalkeeper, which would mean the end of his season. The discomfort felt in one foot by midfielder Mathis Picouleau is much less serious. It was preserved this morning and it will be suspended on Friday for the reception of the Chamois Niortais. In terms of good news, Namakoro Diallo and Ronny Labonne resumed the race this morning. If for the first named the return is hoped in a few days, for the second this should not happen before the end of the year even if the Martinican seems ahead of schedule for his return.

Jonathan Mexico and his fan club • Photo Corentin Corger

Mexico fans. A few weeks after playing against Châteauroux, the team where he played last season, Nîmes Jonathan Mexico faced again, last Friday, a team that he knows well. The 28-year-old midfielder, who played for AS Monaco, wore the colors of Cholet for three seasons in National from 2018 to 2021. In Maine-et-Loire, the Martinican played a total of 85 matches and left good memories. So much so that on Friday evening at the Cholet sports stadium, his fan club was present and this was proudly displayed on a banner. The opportunity for the person concerned at the final whistle, and the 2-0 victory of the Crocos, to come and exchange a few minutes with his supporters and to immortalize this moment. Jonathan Mexico will once again find a former team this season, it is Red Star where he was recruited during the 2016/2017 season.

French Cup

The adventure goes on. This weekend, the fourth round of the Coupe de France took place and it went rather well for the Gard clubs. Alès (N2) did not tremble at Petit Poucet Sumène (D1) by winning 4-0 just like Beaucaire (N3) who held his place against Vendargues (R1) by winning 5-2. This also applies to Bagnols! Trailing 2-0 at home, the Bagnolais overthrew Lunel (R1) for a 4-2 victory. Four other Gardoise teams managed to qualify: Cuxac Aude (D1) 0-5 Uchaud (R2), Vauvert (R2) 0-0, 5-3 at TAB Le Buisson, Sussargues (D2) 1-3 Rousson (R2) and Moussac (D2) 0-2 Marguerittes (R3). On the other hand, three teams were eliminated: Anduze (R3) was swept 5-0 by Atlas Paillade (R1), Fabrègues (R1) beat Uzès (R1) 3-2 and Les Angles lost at the end of the suspense against Vence (0-0, 7-6 at TAB). The draw for the 5th round will see the entry into the running of the National clubs and therefore of Nîmes Olympique. It will take place tomorrow from 7 p.m. The matches will take place on the weekend of October 14 and 15

Bouillargues Handball Nîmes Méditerranée

The joy of the Bouillarguaises! • Photo Manon Servellera

A short but beautiful victory. After starting the season with two defeats, things are going better for the BHNM which has just had two consecutive successes in D2. Saturday evening, at the Agora gymnasium, Baptiste Filipe’s girls won 30 to 29 against the Lomme-Lille team. Leading by four goals at the break, the Gardoises were caught and he would have to wait until the very last moments to see a victory take shape. With this success, Bouillargues moves up to 7th place. Saturday, the BHNM travels to Pouzin, currently 11th in the ranking.

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