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LA GRAND’COMBE The Run des Guerrières is exported to Dinopédia

For the first time in its history, the association Les Guerrières is relocating to a private place to establish its traditional spring “run” at Dinopédia, on May 14.

On Sunday May 14, the 7th Run des Guerrières will be exported for the very first time to a private place, at Dinopédia Parc, in Champclauson, after four years of loyalty to Saint-Privat-des-Vieux. A bet assumed by Valérie Gayraud, president since last year of the association created in 2014 by Isabelle Barrière, a friend who died two years later from cancer.

“From the start, we said we wanted to shoot on the Grand Alès, because we want to offer people varied routes. Dinopédia took the step of contacting us and we accepted the proposal”, says the president. As every year, several formats will be offered to participants, who will have the choice between running (9 km), timed Nordic walking (9 km) and walking (9 km), without forgetting the children’s race and the in a balance bike which is renewed after the success it had last year.

The first departure will be given at 9:30 am, the others will be staggered until the end of the morning. According to the usual standards of the event, 800 to 1,000 participants are expected on the day. On D-Day, the latter will have to coexist with the 140 specimens of the dinosaur park and any visitors to whom access will still be authorized.

Free access to the park for participants

“Any bib taken will give access to the park. People will be able to eat on site and enjoy the park in the afternoon”, already scaffolding Valérie Gayraud, who is betting on mild weather, while the partially shaded site can be an asset if the edition turns out to be as hot and sunny as the previous one. Walkers will take the dinosaur park on its descending side, which makes it “a course accessible to all”but riders should expect to drool more in these sometimes steep DFCIs.

However, their motivation will perhaps be increased tenfold when they know that they are running for a good cause. Indeed, let us remember that the profits generated by the event will serve the fight against cancer since they will contribute to the financing of socio-aesthetic care for patients in the Alesian basin, as well as that of sophrology courses.

Throughout the year, the association also offers vouchers for scarves, turbans, hats or bathing suits, and recently approached a tattoo artist who performs eyebrow tattoos for the benefit of committed patients. in a chemotherapy process. At the dawn of the association’s 10th anniversary, which will be celebrated next year, several thousand cancer patients have benefited from the actions of Les Guerrières.

the Warriors

The Warriors association also organizes a Run and Bike for Pink October in the fall.

Registration for the Run des Guerrières on Chronogard. €10 for adults, €5 for children by registering in advance on Chronogard. An increase of €2 to be expected for those who register on site on D-Day.

Corentin Migoule

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