“My husband’s father Augustin Šulc and his uncle founded the Šulcová brothers company in 1923 and became exclusive importers BSA motorcycles to Czechoslovakia. By 1940, a total of 4,269 BSA motorcycles were imported here,” explained Libuše Šulcová.

A hundred shiny veterans set off on Sunday from Horní náměstí in Přerov for a sleepy ride:

Source: Petra Poláková – Uvírová

She compiled this family story into a book and presented the publication at the biggest veteran meeting of this season in Prey. At the same time, she presented the motorcycle she came here on. “A 1928 BSA 770 English motorcycle put together by my husband from parts purchased in 2000 with the comment that it was for my birthday – past and future. I’ve been riding with her since then,” revealed Libuše Šulcová.

“It’s a two-cylinder, 770 cc, has twelve horses and takes eight to nine liters per hundred kilometers. The highest speed with a sidecar is 90 kilometers, but after all those huge years I drive at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour,” added Ms. Šulcová, adding that she is probably the only woman who drives motorcycle with sidecarbecause girls don’t really get into it.

Traffic conference in Ostrava

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Her husband brought her to love motorcycles. I got a new tow truck from my son in my 75s, and then a covered garage for my motorcycle in my 80s,” she smiled. The furthest they went with her husband was in 2005 at a six-day veterans meeting in Switzerland.

For the sleepy ride of car and motorcycle veterans From the château to the castle a hundred shiny veterans set out. “Wonderful gems were shown here – from automobiles, for example, a luxury car arrived Hispano-Suiza. I am also very glad that representatives of the Kratochvíl family have arrived. Everyone knows Jirka Kratochvíl, the owner of Přerov veterans, who had a huge collection of cars. His family arrived with a vehicle Panhard Levassor from 1912,” explained Jiří Zemánek from the Oltimer club Helfštýn, which organizes the event.

Ford Ranger Raptor vs. Dongfeng DF6.

David and Goliath battle: Ford Ranger Raptor and Dongfeng DF6 in a unique test

The well-known automobile family from Přerov presented another car called Máňa. “It is Tatras 11 from 1924. During the floods in 1997, this car floated in the water, so we disassembled it and leave it in its original condition,” explained the owner, Ivona Kratochvílová.