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Kate is fine, William broke the silence. But according to his girlfriend, he is going through hell

In recent days, Prince William and a close friend of the family have spoken about the state of health of British Princess Kate. While the prince was tight-lipped and the royal family has remained basically silent about Catherine, who is ill with cancer, much more was indicated by the statement of the designer, who has worked closely with Kate for years. It follows that her condition is very serious. She said the princess was going through hell.

The wife of the next British king, Catherine, pictured on her son Louis’ sixth birthday

| Photo: Profimedia

We are all doing well. With this sentence he broke the long silence about his wife’s condition Princess Catherine British in recent days prince william. Kate has been fighting cancer since the winter, she last made a public appearance in March, when in a video she announcedthat she was diagnosed with the disease. Since then, the palace has remained silent on the development of the treatment and the condition of the princess. Commentators evaluated William’s words as positive news.

People around the world are expressing their support for Princess Kate. She recently announced that she has cancer:

Prince William and Princess Catherine.  Illustrative image

Personalities supported Kate in her fight against cancer. They also relied on internet trolls

But on May 2, the letter The Telegraph published an interview with a designer who has been working with Kate for a long time and they are in close contact. It brings an already sadder message about how the popular Princess of Wales is doing now. “I’m heartbroken right now. I think they are going through hell. I hope he comes back. It’s really personal,” said Amaia Arrieta.

Prince William spoke about his wife during one of his public appearances. He was responding to a question from a fan who came to greet the prince outside the charity’s building in Newcastle. According to the sheet Vanity Fair the woman asked how his wife and children were doing. When William replied that everyone was fine, the fan pressed on. “And of course Catherine?” she asked. The prince responded to this question in the same way. “We’re all fine,” he repeated.

Source: Youtube

Despite the brevity of his remarks, commentators see his words as good news. “It was the first time (since the publication of the information that Kate has cancer, editor’s note) that he spoke about the health of the princess,” the program said, for example Good Morning America.

New photos and title

Although the Palace does not provide information on the condition of the princess, the fact that the royal family continues to count on her and that Kate devotes time to her children is evidenced by various small events. In recent days, for example, the family of the Prince and Princess of Wales published new pictures of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis for their birthdays, which were taken by Catherine.

Prince William is going through one of the most difficult times since the death of Princess Diana:

Prince William and his wife Kate at a time when they did not have to deal with a serious illness.

Prince William has never experienced a more difficult time. There is talk of his early coronation

At the end of April, he granted King Charles IIIwhich also is fighting cancerthe Princess of Wales a new honorary title – she became the head of the Companions of Honour.

The words of the designer, who has worked with Kate for more than a decade, creating models and participating in the styling of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, scared many of Princess Catherine’s supporters. It follows from them that Kate’s cancer is much more serious than the King’s condition Karl III, who has already partially returned to public appearances. But even Amaia Arrieta did not want to go into details.

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