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11-0 victory as Rode returns to Alsbach Sebastian Rode was on the pitch for...

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Karel Gott’s hobbies? Lovers, painting and sports. He supported Slavia and Sparta

The life of Karel Gott, the most famous domestic singer? It wasn’t just concert halls and recording studios. The Pilsen native had many hobbies. Among them were women, the Master was known for this, he also loved painting and, this will probably surprise you, sports!

Tons of paper have been written about the relationship with women. They were a driving force for Gott, countless of them passed through his bedroom. He chose random acquaintances at his performances, often without even trying. His colleagues from the singing industry described that they were always female fans who shone on the whole hall. German boulevard Bild wasn’t shy about confronting Gotta with the information about the number of women he was supposed to replace. “Three thousand? It’s nonsense! After all, I also had to sing in the meantime,” he got a quick and funny answer.

The quarter-final rematch of the European Conference League between Fiorentina and Viktoria Plzeň (2:0 after extra time) through the lens of an Italian photographer

Emotions in the photos. The Italians were shocked by Pilsen. The match took longer than expected

About painting he was very fond of speaking in front of journalists, as singing was a part of his life from an early age. “Paintings are a mirror of my character,” smiled the adored tenor. It is probably not surprising that he preferred to paint women and the various fantasies associated with them with a brush on canvas. However, critics did not spare him, according to her Gotto’s works were kitsch. But some paintings were sold for millions of crowns .

The connection is also mapped Karel Gott and sports. The holder of forty-two Golden Nightingales often appeared at sporting events, he made no secret of his passion for hockey, football, athletics, tennis or Formula 1. He was fascinated by horse racing, and was a big fan of jockey Josef Váni.

Like a soccer goalkeeper

It is not without interest that he trained with the then Bundesliga club Rot-Weiß Essen as part of a promotional event in the early seventies. He was no less famous in Germany than in Czechoslovakia, so a connection with the popular Bundesliga was offered. And once again the country of our western neighbors – in 1996 the anthem of Borussia Dortmund became a remake of the famous song Čelka Maja; the newly sung theme song of the well-known series was called Schwarz-Gelb wie Biene Maja.

Karel Gott even worked as a football goalkeeper for a time in his youth, but he did not rush into the action much in his productive age; although he traveled with the artistic football team Amfora on tours around the country and abroad, he only performed honorable kicks.

Who was he rooting for? Sparta, Slavia, or perhaps Pilsen, where was he born? Although it may sound strange, the Master cheered for everyone. And that in all sports. As far as football is concerned, he was always happy to accept the invitation of any club. He wore the jerseys of Slavia, Sparta, Pilsen and Teplice or Jablonec. It is therefore not surprising that fans of all clubs mourned his death.

Pilsen's draw with Fiorentina in the quarter-finals of the Europa League ensured the Czech Republic direct participation in the Champions League

An unprecedented phenomenon, Pilsen are congratulated by their rivals. The Czech Republic has the Champions League, so does Scotland

He had the same attitude towards hockey clubs. Gott had an open heart for anyone who showed him sympathy. For example, he appeared at the championship title celebrations in Pardubice in 2010. He sang the song Být still mlád, he performed on stage with Dominik Hašek. Three years later, he kept his fingers crossed for Plzeň in their pursuit of historic gold. More evidence? The day before Christmas 2007, the performer of a series of immortal hits christened the Victory Bell at the Ivan Hlinka Winter Stadium in Litvínov. Even there, he did not hesitate to pull the jersey of the local club over his head and wave to the fans. “Hockey is my favorite of all sports,” he then confided in an interview to journalists.

Gotto’s songs still win sports teams’ booths today. Perhaps the most frequent is the composition I will give you a cannon shot, which is perhaps the only one from the Master’s repertoire whose lyrics fit into a sports environment. And that, given how much he loved sports, is an obvious paradox.

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