How will the conditions for parents returning to work change?
New Labour Code will allow employees who draw parental leave, perform the same type of work with the same employer on the basis of a work activity agreement or work performance agreement that they performed before starting this leave. The return to the same job position and the same workplace will also be guaranteed for employees returning from parental leave before the child reaches the second year of age. Until now, the right to the same place only applies when returning from maternity leave. It is intended to motivate an earlier return to work.

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Salary in euros or adjustment of notices. Jurečka presented an amendment to the Labor Code

It will touch novel resignation?
The notice period will run from the day the notice is delivered to the other party, not until the first day of the month following its submission, as is the case today. Thus, the employee can be released earlier for a new job position and the employer can hire a new employee for the given job position in a shorter period of time. Also new is the shortening of the notice period to one month in the case of notice given on the grounds that the employee has violated work discipline or does not meet the legal prerequisites or requirements of the employer for the performance of work.

What about termination of employment due to medical incapacity?
In a situation where the employment relationship with the employee was terminated by notice or agreement due to the fact that he lost the medical capacity to perform his current work for a long time due to an occupational accident or occupational disease, he will receive a new severance payment paid from the mandatory insurance employer in the same amount as today. That is, in the amount of twenty times the average monthly earnings.

Which innovations will occur in the organization of working hours?
The amendment will enable self-scheduling of working hours by the employee based on an agreement with the employer. But there is also the possibility of significantly shortening the daily rest period in the case of dealing with extraordinary events and emergency situations, up to six hours. These are situations where it is necessary to act very quickly and in the public interest – for example, when restoring the supply of electricity. Rest will be replaced by the employee on the following day.

Will the payment of wages change?
There will be an increase in cases where it is possible to agree with the employee that his salary will be paid in a currency other than the Czech currency.

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Starting salary 72 thousand. Companies are vying for talent and energy specialists

Will the length of the trial period change?
Maximum length trial period it may last up to four months for rank-and-file employees and up to eight months for senior employees. Within these limits, it will be possible to extend the period additionally based on mutual agreement between the employee and the employer.

How will youth brigades change?
Minors will be given the opportunity to do light work during the main summer holidays from the age of fourteen, i.e. without completing compulsory schooling.

When do they have changes start paying?
Effectiveness is expected from January 2025.