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Janson’s answer to whether Ilias Omonia was closed

The sports director of the Greens, Jesper Jansson, spoke on the “Total Green” show, among others, about the issue of Mario Ilias and whether he has been closed in Omonia.

In detail what he said…

“It is clear that our strategy and ambition is to have the best Cypriots and so far I believe we have them. For the long-term strategy he is an interesting player. Whether it’s for now or in six months or in a year… I’m working on the balance of the team, it’s key for us to be the best in this field in Cyprus. I believe there are many good Cypriot footballers. We take players from abroad and players from Cyprus to develop them. I didn’t know about Ilias before I came. We were watching him now but nothing more than that. I am satisfied with our Cypriots. I am very happy that Loizou joined AEL promoted, we have to raise him to the level we know he can go. We have several young people, I was impressed with Andreas Christou who went on loan to MEAP, we have a very good cooperation with them. That’s the balance we have to find.”

Clarifying question whether Ilias signed or not: “No, we didn’t sign Ilias. We would announce it.”

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