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Janey Godley ‘nearly choked to death’ on stage during Glasgow show

The 62-year-old’s was performing at the SEC on Sunday night when she took a sip of water and began choking.

Her reaction was so severe that she said the audience became worried and her daughter, Ashley Storrie, ran on stage to help.

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Janey tweeted: “Literally choked on water onstage and thought I was going to die – audience were absolutely horrified and equally worried – I couldn’t breathe and then Ashley ran on and banged my back and I got back on track so sorry I scared everyone.”


Ashley added: “Mum nearly choked to death on a sip of water, on stage, in front of thousands of people, I had to pat her back, ascertain if she was dying and also take the mic and do funny bits while she learned to breathe again. I’m a f****** wreck.”


Janey’s next performance for the Not Dead Yet tour will be at London’s Leicester Square Theatre on March 16. 

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