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Jadue’s frustrated trip to Venezuela: Tohá affirms that “things operated as they should” and that it is not up to the government to intervene

The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, ruled out that he frustrated trip that the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue (PC) intended to do to Venezuela, put the government in a “difficult” situation. Furthermore, he assured that the situation is part of actions that are the responsibility of the Prosecutor’s Office and that the Executive does not “intervene nor is it appropriate for it to intervene.”

On Wednesday night, the community leader arrived at the Santiago Airport to board a Copa flight that would take him to Caracas. However, the Investigative Police (PDI) stopped his trip after communicating with the North Central Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutor Giovanna Herrera warned that the mayor is one month away from being formalized for the crimes of bribery, treasury fraud, fraud and unfair administration, associated with the purchase and sale of supplies to confront Covid-19 by the Chilean Association of Municipalities with Popular Pharmacies (Achifarp). And although it does not have precautionary measures, the Prosecutor’s Office feared a possible escape of the communal chief.

Jadue accused a “open action of discrimination and an “abuse of power”. He also announced legal actions. For their part, members of the Communist Party accused ““a political persecution” against the mayor.

Under this context, Tohá, while participating with the PDI in an activity in the Independencia commune, was asked whether the situation that occurred with the mayor put the ruling party in a difficult situation, considering that the communal chief is a member of the PC.

“No, we are not putting ourselves in a difficult position because we are very clear that things here operated as they should and that there was no political actor that intervened in this process.“, declared the head of the Interior.

Along these lines, he stated that “this is an alarm that, according to the protocol in these cases, the investigative police have to deliver when there is a step through the International Police, it is sent to the prosecutor who is in charge of the case and she makes a decision according to what seems convenient for the process.”

“The government does not intervene at any time and is not responsible for judging, but rather respecting the work done by the Prosecutor’s Office and the police in this matter,” said the minister.

On the other hand, the minister assured that it is up to the Prosecutor’s Office to evaluate whether this measure would apply to another authority that is about to be formalized and that intends to undertake a trip abroad. “It is an evaluation that the prosecution must make,” she said. In that sense, she reiterated that the government “neither intervenes nor is it appropriate to intervene.”

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