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Its electricity bill explodes, this bakery in Lion-sur-Mer needs help

The Aux Délices des Flo bakery in Lion-sur-Mer is in financial difficulty.
The Aux Délices des Flo bakery in Lion-sur-Mer is in financial difficulty. ©Liberty Archives

“Our electricity contract was ending at the worst possible timeDecember 31, 2022.” Florent Prévost (Flo) holds with Sébastien Issambourg the bakery and pastry Aux Délices de Flo rue Edmond Bellin, the shopping street in Lion-sur-Mer (Calvados).

“Seven years ago we moved to Lion, 100m from the beach. »

It’s our first bakery, a childhood dream that finally came true. We invested all our savings in it.

“From €1,000 to €5,800 per month”

But, like many professionals, the bakery had to deal with an increase in raw materials and above all in energy. ” Since the beginning of the year, the bill of electricity has been multiplied by 5, it increased from €1,000 to €5,800 per month”notes Florent Prévost.

“Everything was going really well, we are fully involved in offering several activities to energize our small seaside town”, continues the co-manager.

In a small seaside resort, winter is always difficult, but we make up for summer with the season. But there, we have big cash flow difficulties.

In addition to the two bosses, the business employs an apprentice and a saleswoman. “I have the impression that artisans are left out,” regrets Florent Prévost. “We don’t currently have any help, the files are very selective. We will perhaps benefit from the Zero rate of the Normandy region, but we will have to reimburse, it is not a solution. »

An online kitty and an urn in store

“To continue our activity”, Aux Délices de Flo has launched an online kitty on February 23, 2023 on the Leetchi platform. On March 7, €681 had been collected.

Customers are loyal to us, but it pleasantly surprised us, they deposited €500 in all. This makes it possible to buy flour and raw materials. »

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