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It’s boiling in Georgia. The government is pushing the law on foreign agents, people went out to protest

Georgians have been meeting daily since April 17 in front of the parliament in Tbilisi to protest the law on foreign agents, which the government is enforcing a few months before the elections. Protesters call it a Russian law, the government says it will strengthen the country’s sovereignty. On Wednesday, the deputies approved it by a large majority for the final discussion. The standard faces criticism from the European Union.

Protests in front of the parliament in Tbilisi.

| Photo: CTK/AP Photo/Zurab Tsertsvadze

Georgian protesters were shaken by a police crackdown outside parliament on Tuesday, but continued to protest. At night, about two thousand of them blocked the main street in Tbilisi with tables from the gardens of nearby cafes and garbage cans. At the heavyweights, some of them shouted that they were slaves and Russians, she described the latest round of a long fight over the highly controversial law Reuters agency.

Source: Youtube

British public service BBC she explained that the law people in Georgia are protesting would require NGOs and independent media to register as “organizations carrying the interests of a foreign power” if foreign donations make up more than a fifth of their budget. They would also be subject to Department of Justice oversight. The authorities could also force them to disclose sensitive information or impose fines of up to 9,400 dollars (220,000 crowns).

Source: Youtube

On Monday tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the metropolis, which was convened and organized by the governing party Georgian Dream in support of the law. Party founder and former prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili told the rally that the law would strengthen Georgia’s sovereignty and suggested that the pro-Western opposition was controlled by foreign intelligence services through grants to non-governmental organizations, according to Reuters.

He told the opposition that he would deservedly face a harsh political and legal trial after the elections, which are due to be held by October, the Reuters policy quoted him as saying.

The controversial law has sparked protests before:

In Tbilisi, Georgia, thousands of opposition supporters demonstrate against the controversial norm

15 thousand people protested in Tbilisi. The police pushed the crowd away from the parliament building

The Guardian newspaper he recalled that after other protests there were many reports of police violence, and the leader of the National United Movement, Levan Khabejishvili, was also beaten. He published a photo of his battered face on social networks, he came to the parliament with bandages on his face.

Is Georgia’s entry into the European Union at risk?

The current proposal was presented by the government last year, already then sparked a wave of protests and the cabinet, as he claimed at the time, withdrew it unconditionally, the Guardian recalled. In December, Georgia was included among the candidate countries for joining the European Unionwhich in Georgia, according to polls, supports 80 percent of people, the BBC pointed out.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry summoned the Czech ambassador two years ago:

Ambassador to Georgia Petr Mikyska.

Tbilisi summoned the Czech ambassador. Because of the statement regarding anti-Russian sanctions

To enter the Union ex-prime minister Ivanišvili also signed up at the aforementioned meeting. At the same time, according to the agencies, he claimed that the EU and NATO have been taken over by the alleged global side of the war, which is trying to undermine Georgia’s sovereignty by force and use the country in its confrontation with Russia.

Union officials have condemned police violence and reiterated that the law is against its values ​​and rights. “Recent events underscore serious concerns about the direction the Georgian government is taking in terms of democratic freedoms. The law may significantly disrupt Georgia’s path to EU membership,” German MEP and Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee David McAllister warned the Guardian.

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