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Is it proven that the earth is round? The Slovak Ministry of Culture caused an uproar

Just a few days after the world remembered 510 years since the Polish canon Mikuláš Copernicus came up with the idea of ​​the heliocentric system, Lukáš Machal, a close associate of Slovak Culture Minister Martina Šimičová, shocked with his claim that the Earth might not be round, but flat. If they really believe this, they rank alongside those who are convinced that the Earth is actually flat and lies in a “bowl”, the edge of which is defined by Antarctica, and beyond which there is already a vault supporting the star dome.

The statement of Lukáš Machal from the Slovak National Party in an interview for the program caused quite a stir Reporters Slovak public television RTVS (Radio and Television of Slovakia). Viewers were shocked by the answer of this close associate of Slovak Culture Minister Martina Šimkovičová to the question of whether people with a minority opinion, for example, that the Earth is actually flat, should be given space on television. “Definitely yes. Is it proven that the earth is round? I’m seriously asking. Is it substantiated? Have you been in space? He wasn’t, neither was I, I don’t know,” declared Machala.

A similar statement is close to the arguments of conspirators who believe that humanity lives on a flat earth. In the Czech Republic, one of them is, for example, contributor to the Facebook profile Plochá Země (the profile has around five thousand followers) Zbyněk Čep. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe we live on a flat Earth. And I have countless proofs of that,” said Čep.

Nicholas Copernicus in a painting by Jan Matejko

510 years ago, Copernicus came up with the idea of ​​a heliocentric system. Saturn helped him

One of the proofs for him is that one must have a special permit to travel to Antarctica. “And when he gets it, he can only go to certain places. The reason is simple. It’s so people don’t find out, right Antarctica it is not a continent, but encircles the whole earth. So it is an ice crust in which all the waters and continents are held,” explains the man.

And if a person were to look down from the edge of the earth in Antarctica, according to Čep, he would only find the foundations of the firmament. “It’s actually like a hatch of the Earth, where all the planets and stars are. And that’s also why rockets can’t fly there,” added Čep.

One of the videos that Zbyněk Čep shares on the YouTube platform:

Source: Youtube

According to him, another proof must be sought in the book of books, i.e. the Bible. “There it is clearly stated that God created the earth in six days. And he did not create the planets and the stars until the fourth day. So it is illogical for the Earth to revolve around the Sun. Furthermore, there are no relevant photos proving that the Earth is round. All the photos are provided by NASA, which creates them on a computer,” recalled one of the arguments used by flat-Earth believers to support their claims.

Still clouds

Another propagator of the theory, David Starosta, points to something similar in his publication Nebe a Země. “We only have one alleged photo of the globe from 1972, which is also in all the textbooks. In 1990, the Galileo probe reportedly sent us images of the twenty-four-hour rotation of the earth-sphere. But the clouds don’t move a bit during the entire rotation,” wrote the Mayor in his piece.

Even for him received the Bludný balvan anti-award for 2017which it grants Czech club of skeptics Sisyphos. He is part of the world skeptic movement, which arose in 1976 in the United States of America on the initiative of dozens of scientists and philosophers, including several Nobel Prize winners, as a reaction to the rise of irrationality in society.

Conspiracy physicists

The chairman of the club, Jaromír Šrámek, points out that, for example, in the USA, according to a survey from 2021, a tenth of respondents consider the Earth to be flat, and nine percent are not sure. He knows that disproving people’s theory is difficult. “I can imagine that if for some reason I believed in a flat Earth, I would be completely convinced of the incorrectness of this hypothesis by a simple exercise – to calculate what the gravitational field of the disk looks like. “Unfortunately, the flat earth theory is so deeply embedded in conspiracies that its supporters will most likely deal with such a result by saying that conspiracy physicists have the law of gravity wrong,” explained Šrámek.

Illustrative image

Too polluted planet. Earth is no longer safe for humans, scientists warn

Dušan Majer, popularizer of cosmonautics from the server, shares a similar opinion. “Discussions with these people and explanations are pointless. It’s like trying to force a vegetarian to eat a steak. It’s not about facts for them, it’s about faith. There’s no point in explaining anything to the flatlanders I call pancakers. If to this day they haven’t understood which one beats from the abundant amount of completely clear and logical evidence, there is no magical evidence that would open their eyes,” stated Majer.

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