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Index – Interior – An investigation is being conducted against Ákos Hadházy due to his claims about the Vérti Wildlife Park

Independent representative Ákos Hadházy addressed in several posts Vért Vadászati ​​Kft., which he only calls Mészáros’s “wild game park” on his social media page, which he claims maintains an area of ​​only 8 hectares only so that the big game kept there “can be shot at a price in the order of millions per piece customers, without limitation”.

Vért Vadászati ​​Kft. has now responded to the accusations in a statement, and they say that they are conducting an investigation into how a photo that says 8 hectares on the company’s website could have been included in Ákos Hadházy’s posts, as this information does not correspond to reality.

Hadházy went to the mentioned area several times to take photos, in his posts he “wrote about an eight-hectare zoo” and that there “for good money, anyone can fulfill their desires in this direction and can freely shoot any big game, since they cannot escape because of the fence”. The representative even talked about it on Facebook

There is no question of preserving the balance of nature or respecting the wild, the goal is simply to live out the bloodlust

claimed in its entry.

You should have recognized the difference between 8 and 1000 acres

Vért Vadászati ​​Kft., a subsidiary of the Mészáros Group, stated in the statement that “Ákos Hadházy is conducting a campaign devoid of all facts and reality”. It was further noted that the claims of the independent representative, moreover several domestic media outlets also took over without checking.

Our company, Vért Vadászati ​​Kft., has 48,000 hectares of hunting land in Hungary. Within this, almost 1,000 hectares of wildlife management takes place in the aforementioned Vérti Game Park located in Alcsútdobozo

they wrote. Vért Vadászati ​​Kft. also announced that they are conducting an investigation in order to find out how a photo showing 8 hectares on the company’s website was included in Ákos Hadházy’s posts, since, as they stated, this data does not correspond to reality.

They also drew attention to the fact that, according to Hungarian regulations, a game park for big game cannot be established in less than 500 hectares.

According to them, Hadházy should have recognized the difference between 8 and 1000 hectares.

They believe that Ákos Hadházy “deliberately deviated from the communication of real data, only for the purpose of cajoling and creating a negative atmosphere”. The company also emphasized that in all cases they operate in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements, taking excellent care of the animals, and observing the aspects of wildlife management.

They also called on Ákos Hadházy and all that press organ“which were taken over and added to the accusation based on false data to withdraw the articles and posts”.

We also welcome your apology. In the meantime, we have taken the necessary legal steps

they informed me.