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Index – Homeland – Viktor Orbán to Brussels: Get out of here, we need new leadership!

On Wednesday, Viktor Orbán took part in the National Conservatism Conference in Brussels. He continuously reported on the events of the day and posted several times on social media.

In his latest video, the Prime Minister talked about how he thinks the bureaucrats in Brussels have failed, and that is why a change is needed.

The meaning of the choice is that if the leadership has proven to be bad, it must be replaced. It is that simple. And this leadership of the European Union is simply bad, they have failed. This is not only a political statement, but also very factual

Viktor Orbán noted.

In the video, the prime minister also talked about how the leadership of the union selected certain issues in the last five years and promised to deal with them. He then listed what, in his view, they failed to do.

First, he mentions the green transition, which he says is poorly designed and needs to be redesigned.

Better agriculture was promised and now farmers across Europe are suffering. They said competitiveness will improve in these five years. Europe’s competitiveness has decreased. They said they would stop and somehow manage the migration crisis. The migration crisis is bigger than before

– Viktor Orbán listed, finally he mentioned the sanctions, which he thinks do not work.

So if a leadership promises something, say five or six important points for the community, and doesn’t deliver, then it has to leave. Get out of here. We need new leadership!

– the Prime Minister voiced his opinion.

“Don’t shoot!”

“Freedom, family, peace, these are the most important things” – Viktor Orbán’s previously uploaded Facebook video begins with this slogan. In the footage taken in Brussels, the Prime Minister gets out of a car, then turns to the journalists and says: “Don’t shoot!”

This is a symbolic event here, it describes the situation of Europe well. Today, Europe is balancing on the border between freedom and oppression.

Brussels police on Tuesday blocked it NatCon, the National Conservatism Conference. According to Viktor Orbán, this is like the end of the eighties in Hungary, where the forces of freedom and oppression fought with each other. “We are happy that we are still allowed to speak in Brussels,” he noted.

The panel discussion was finally held on Wednesday – as we reported -, where Viktor Orbán also talked about the need for new leaders in Europe, but it is a strong expression that he would be an ally of Vladimir Putin.