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Index – Belföld – The man from Mátraverébély also stole dog food and an axe

According to the data of the investigation, the 23-year-old man, who has a criminal record and is subject to criminal proceedings, stole from the residents of his village in Mátraverébély from October 2023. The man, who was also suspected of drug possession, climbed into a family home through an open bathroom window, where he stole HUF 20,000 in cash, jewelry and clothes from a drawer last October.

He also broke the back window of a closed, uninhabited apartment building, then stole a lawnmower, two chandeliers, and several pieces of furniture from the yard, all this one month after the first incident.

The man did not give up crime and in January he found a key to a house and entered with it, stole the victim’s two pairs of shoes and a wristwatch, then forced open the door of the outbuilding and looted military clothing from there.

He stole a 10-kilogram package of dog food from the trunk of a truck in February, and then stole a refrigerator from the yard of a residential building in March.

two seats from a vehicle parked there, and an ax from the basement belonging to the house.

He took tools and bicycles from another property. The Bátonyterenye Police Department suspected him of theft, and since ketamine was found in his possession when he was arrested, he was suspected of drug possession.

The public prosecutor’s office proposed his arrest due to the serial offense and the fact that there are many proceedings against the man for other crimes, with the grounds of which the investigative judge of the Salgótarján District Court agreed and

ordered the coercive measure against him for one month.

A man with a criminal record for property crimes and drug possession can be behind bars for years.