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Index – Belföld – A final verdict was reached in the case of the man who harassed the relatives of the victims of the bus accident in Verona

A final verdict has been reached in the case of the man who, after learning about the bus accident in Verona from the press, decided to regularly harass and threaten the relatives of the children attending the high school he hated through fake profiles created on a social media site with racist messages in a serious and insulting manner.

For this reason, the Pest Central District Court sentenced the man to a suspended prison sentence of 1 year 6 months – 3 years probation, against which decision the accused and his lawyer filed an appeal. In the second-instance proceedings, the Metropolitan Court, upon a full review of the judgment of the first-instance court, came to the conclusion that

the district court conducted the evidence in accordance with the rules of the criminal procedure and obtained all the necessary evidence.

He found that the first-instance court did not make any logical errors in the evaluation of the evidence, it established a well-founded factual situation, based on which the conclusion of guilt was reasonable and the classification of the crime was legal.

The first-instance court correctly revealed and assessed the circumstances governing the imposition of the sentence, therefore the second-instance court saw no possibility of a lighter punishment than the imposed prison term, the punishment was proportionate to the crime and fair, reads the statement of the Capital Court.

As is known, on January 20, 2017, between Verona and Venice, on the A4 highway, a bus transporting students, teachers and relatives of Szinyei Merse Pál High School during the night hours crashed into a pillar and then caught fire.

Fifty-six people were traveling on the bus, several died as a result of the collision, others in the flames; a total of eighteen were killed and twenty-six were injured. It was the worst traffic accident of the last two decades.