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Index – Abroad – X has been banned in Pakistan

The operation of the social network X has been banned in Pakistan, reports MTI. According to Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior, the failure to comply with Pakistani laws and abuses experienced on the platform necessitated the ban.

The Pakistani management indicated the problems to X as well, but the company showed no willingness to solve them.

“The decision to ban X was taken to protect national security, maintain public order and preserve national unity,” the ministry wrote, adding that the decision was based on reports from Pakistan’s intelligence and security agencies. According to the submission, the “hostile elements” operating on X aimed to destabilize the country.

Authorities in Pakistan made YouTube unavailable between 2012 and 2016 due to “blasphemous” videos, and the use of X was significantly restricted in 2024, after the parliamentary elections in February. In addition, TikTok has been banned twice, only to be re-authorized after being forced to remove more than 18 million videos deemed unacceptable.

Lawyer Moiz Dzaferi told the AFP news agency that he had initiated court proceedings due to the previous blocking of X, and in the judgment handed down on Wednesday, the government was obliged to make the interface available again.

The media and marketing communication publication of Indamedia has been launched.

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