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In Vernon, the Compagnie des livres bookstore rewarded by the Lagardère Foundation

Aude Lemullier, 35, took over the bookstore in downtown Vernon (Eure) in March 2022. She was rewarded by the Lagardère Foundation for her dynamism. ©The Democrat

Every year since 1990the Lagardère Foundation assigns scholarships to from young talents in the field of music, photography, cinema or bookstores. One boost from which Aude Lemullier has just benefited, who has taken over the library the book company at Vernon (Eure) in March 2022.

A course atypical for this agricultural engineer and management of agri-food companies: “I worked in international trade and I traveled a lot in Africa. A career led at a brisk pace, but the limits of which she soon felt:

“In 2020, I wanted to get closer to the books and do something that made more sense to me.”

Aude Lemullier, bookseller at La Compagnie des livres

This young mom who created an Instagram account, The hut of the diplodocusdedicated to children’s literature.

Rejuvenate and energize

early learner 2021 that the Vernon bookstore, where she has lived since 2014, is up for sale, she decides to take the plunge, but leaves nothing to chance. “I didn’t want to embark on this adventure without any baggage, so I trained at the Librairie school in Maisons-Alfort in parallel with my post in Paris. I also did internships in bookstores. »

His project: to rejuvenate and revitalize the Compagnie des Livres. “The first step will be the renewal of the graphic identity, logo, charter; the second will consist of a renovation of the interior space of the bookstore, in particular the lighting and the furniture. »

Pragmatic, Aude puts together grant files with the CNL (National Book Center) and the ADELC (Association for the development of creative bookstores). At the same time, she is applying for the Lagardère scholarship. On September 8, 2022, she successfully passed the grand oral in front of a dozen professionals from the book world.

Innovate to stand out

Go-getter and passionate, Aude nonetheless keeps her feet on the ground.

Videos: currently on Actu

“La Compagnie des Livres is a well-placed bookshop in a medium-sized town, so you have to stay generalist. We are going to try to innovate to differentiate ourselves from supermarkets, give it a more modern, warmer image, and thus attract even more people from Vernon. »

Aude Lemullier

Transformations that regulars will discover over the months. “We will continue to receive authors for signatures, meetings, thematic evenings. No revolution, therefore, but a necessary evolution because the book remains a fragile cultural asset. There is no doubt that the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation has found in Aude Lemullier the best of ambassadors.

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