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In the midst of Sichel’s attack, RN assures that Chile Vamos defined Mario Desbordes as a candidate for Santiago

Last night, the president of Renovación Nacional, Rodrigo Galileaand the general secretary, Andrea Balladaresthey contacted the former minister Mario Desbordes.

The reason for the conversation was only one: to inform him that he will be the letter from RN – and also from Chile Vamos, according to what he was told – for the commune in Santiago. This happened just after yesterday morning, the former Secretary of State Sebastián Sichel stepped back and conveyed that he was willing to compete in the area.

According to those who knew about this decision, his change of mind happened because new opinion polls were carried out, which showed that Sichel, although Aldo Duque competes – who is supported by the Social Christian Party, some Republicans and wants to run as an independent – is competitive and beats the current community leader, Irací Hassler.

This, despite the dispersion of votes. For example, one of the polls carried out by the UDD Citizen Panel showed that Sichel would get 32%, Hassler 30%, and Duque, 12%.

However, after a series of meetings, RN opted to Overflows, who, like Sichel, scores well in the internal polls managed by the party. In addition, the community’s former helmsman also did the same, taking steps to have his name privileged over that of the former independent presidential standard-bearer.

“RN and Chile Vamos have decided that Mario Desbordes will be their letter to the mayor of Santiago. “It is a necessary leadership that makes a lot of sense to those who live in the Commune,” he told Third Galilee.

Desbordes, for his part, indicated to this medium that he appreciates the nomination of Chile Vamos. “The polls put Sebastián and me as the most competitive and a series of other factors that must be considered make Chile Vamos my choice and I hope to be a unity candidate,” he said.

And I add: “Just as I was available to step aside for Sebastián, I hope that the entire right and center-right will start working together to recover Santiago.”

The decision on Desbordes was also the subject of comment in the WhatsApp group of the RN political commission. There, the member of the space, Marcelo Brunet, wrote: “Last night the Chile Vamos parties notified Mario Desbordes that they are nominating him as a candidate for Santiago. The survey leaves him in the same position with Sichel, although in his case with more undecided people to convince.”

But he didn’t just stop there, he added that “Mario has the support of Republicans, because in the second round he worked with everything for JAK (José Antonio Kast), and he could face the election better even with Duque on the outside. Furthermore, Duque is not willing to talk to Sichel and he is willing to talk to Mario.”

And he concluded: “Summary? Mario Desbordes is the one who is in the best position to face the election and to be the unity candidate.”

After that message, some congratulated Desbordes, who thanked him for the nomination. Senator Galilea, meanwhile, responded: “All the meat on the grill!!!!! A hug and thank you for your willingness.”

In RN they transmit that there are several factors that weighed in the decision, among them, that Desbordes is from the ranks of Chile Vamos unlike Sichel, who is independent.

The former Minister of Social Development, furthermore, although he had been reconciling with the sector, there are several who do not “forgive” him for his behavior when he was the presidential standard bearer for Chile Vamos. There, the communities complained that they were marginalized, which is why his name is resisted among militants.

Sichel’s conditions and his ups and downs also weighed, say the same sources, in making a decision. In addition, they convey that the Republican factor also influenced, which – according to what is transmitted in the sector – would be more comfortable with the name Desbordes.

This is because the independent had several confrontations with Kast and did not want to participate in the second presidential round during his campaign.

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