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In Louviers, a week of internship at the gendarmerie to “raise vocations”

The trainees were able to practice shooting with airsoft guns, compressed air replicas (with rubber bullets) of military handguns.
The trainees were able to practice shooting with airsoft guns, compressed air replicas (with rubber bullets) of military handguns. ©DR

From Monday January 16 to Thursday January 19, 2023, ten middle school students from around Louviers (Eure) discovered the different police professions to the gendarmerie company of Louviers. The opportunity for them to meet a dog handler and his tracker animalto discover the intervention uniforms of the soldiers of the PSIG (Peloton of surveillance and intervention of the Gendarmerie), to understand how one searches for the fingerprints of a suspect and even to shoot replica guns.

“Arouse vocations”

They all live in the company area. A first course took place at the end of November, the gendarmerie company organizing two sessions a year. “It is part of the elements within our reach to encourage vocations, or at least inform young people about what makes the gendarmerie”, indicates the Commander Pascaline Tesioat the head of a hundred soldiers of the gendarmerie company of Louviers.

The college students all had to send a CV and justify their interest in a cover letter. The most convincing have been selected. “We choose those who show the most interest in the institution”, specifies the commander. She herself remembers that when she was a college student, a student lounge had awakened her interest in the gendarmerie.

“We saw guns”

Thomas, a student at Michel de Montaigne College (Le Vaudreuil) was particularly impressed by the equipment of the gendarmes. “We see that the gendarmes think of everything”, slips the schoolboy, referring to the seals used by the soldiers. Cloé, from Les Fougères college (Louviers), remembers the weapons. “We saw shotguns, pistols, submachine guns, tasers, bulletproof vests and even their shields,” said the impressed teenager.

For his part, Timoté, from the Ferdinand Buisson college (Louviers), looks with interest at Paddle and the gendarme. The teenager wants “to become a dog handler forever”, in his own words, which he tells us without looking. Let’s not insist, he has better things to do.

The ten college students all say they want to become police later. And they come out even more motivated from this week of training!

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