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In La Ferté-Macé, a year 2023 under the sign of renovation

The mayor presented the ambitions of the municipality. ©The Free Publisher

“A sparkling, dynamic, benevolent and united year”: this is what the municipality of La Ferte-Macé (Orne) wished the Fertoises and the Fertois gathered at the Espace du Grand Turk.

In the preamble, the mayor Michael Leroyer had a thought “for the most fragile and the most isolated who have suffered, with the most violence, this world which is going badly”.

The first city councilor returned to 2022: “we wanted a united city, united with the Ukrainians and against the war thanks to your mobilization through your donations.

We would like to thank the families and the MAS Anaïs who welcomed Ukrainians, the associations mobilized in particular for learning French and the CCAS for supporting these families.

Michael Leroyer

He said he was “convinced that we must push back the gloom, refuse the ambient pessimism and reconnect with the paths of hope and happy prospects”.

The church under construction

Through a video, the public was able to remember the achievements and events of the past year. “For 2023, let’s continue to push hard and determine our ambition for La Ferté-Macé. This ambition notably involves projects”. The mayor welcomed the investment of elected officials and municipal officials to carry them and bring them to fruition.

is about Notre Dame churchthe renovation works of the Saint Denis tower will start at the end of January for 8 months. “We will continue with the central part if we obtain the same level of subsidies as for the Saint-Denis tower,” noted the mayor.

Urban renovation

At the former local Sport 2000 premises, rue de la Barre, “work has begun with the aim of opening the store Bike Trend, future tenant, in June”.

Videos: currently on Actu

A stone’s throw away, at Maison Bobot, part of whose floors have been demolished to deal with the presence of dry rot, “the site consists of securing the building by repairing the floors and fitting out the ground floor . The additional grants will be requested at the beginning of February”.

The town hall and the covered market will also be renovated. “Our candidacy having been selected for the Small Towns of Tomorrow programme, 2023 will be devoted to defining projects for the development of public spaces by continuing the work begun on abandoned, dilapidated and unsanitary buildings”, indicated Michel Leroyer.

Prévert neighborhood

In October 2022, a sketch of the development of the Jacques-Prévert district was presented to the inhabitants. This year, we will define the project for the development of public spaces, both technically and financially, with a phasing of implementation and the search for financial partners.

Michael Leroyer

For their part, the social landlords will finalize the rehabilitation projects for the buildings retained in the operation and the construction of the first 20 new housing units.

Elected parliamentarians and departmental officials had come to France. ©The Free Publisher


Leisure centre. 2023 will see the creation of an arboretum, a skate park, the opening of a restaurant on the 3 islands and the arrival of a new manager at the Bar de la Plage.

Heat network. Appointment of the future delegate for the management of the district heating network. Mainly supplied by a wood-fired boiler, it would be extended to connect the hospital, the Andaines high school and the swimming pool in particular. “The boiler room and the current network, built 25 years ago, have avoided 20,700 tonnes of CO2. With the future project, this means 1,450 tonnes per year avoided, 35,000 tonnes over the duration of the contract”.

Roads. “We must work now on the repair of the streets of Alençon and Teinture which are departmental axes” launched the mayor to Valérie Alain, vice-president of the Departmental Council.

Health. The mayor announced for the end of 2023 the arrival of a scanner at the hospital, “following the submission of the request to the Regional Health Agency in the coming weeks”.

Culture. The program will be completed by a concert in the church, Saturday September 16 at 8:30 p.m., as part of Septembre Musical de l’Orne. The orchestra Les Métamorphoses will perform works by Sibelius, Mozart and Schönberg.

New arrivals. The Citizens’ Assembly will see the realization of its first projects, with in particular the organization on April 13, at 6:30 p.m., of a reception to welcome newcomers.

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