The pied stoner is about the size of a blackbird, it has short red legs and a short tail. The plumage of the upper part of the body is rusty brown and black and white, the underside of the body is white with a broad black chest band. Male and female are the same color. It feeds on crustaceans, insects and molluscs, which it looks for under washed-up algae on the sea coast.

People confuse the long-billed warbler with a hummingbird.  However, it is a lichen-like butterfly.

A hummingbird in the Czech Republic? No matter what, this butterfly will surprise you with its shape

“It breeds in the coastal tundra and is one of the northernmost nesting birds. It is a migratory species that winters on the sea coasts of all continents. In our country, it occurs very rarely on the move, only individual birds or small flocks of two to six pieces,” said Šafránek.

It is also interesting that in the same locality, other rare Nordic species are also found in the same location, namely the sable-billed sandpiper, the red-necked sandpiper and the Northern European meadow warbler. Ornithologist Zdeněk Abrahámek discovered them in the field wetland near Vlkoš.