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How to get rid of lice in the best and cheapest way. As part of prevention, a well-known oil will also help

Parasites are not just the “privilege” of pets. Some like us humans too and like to live on us. Certain species even live inside us, which is not a very pleasant idea. Probably the most well-known parasite, which has passed through most households mainly because of children, is the louse. How to get rid of pediculosis, i.e. head lice? How long does it take to get rid of lice and what is the best thing to buy at the pharmacy? This is what pharmaceutical assistant Martina Lachnittová advises.

When lice start to spread in a school or kindergarten, the hairs must be carefully examined.

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How to deal with head lice:

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Probably the most typical environment where lice can be caught are children’s collectives – schools, kindergartens, camps. “It’s often literally swarming there. Usually by finding one irresponsible parent who doesn’t care. And the rest is already on the way,” says the pharmaceutical assistant Martina Lachnittováwhich then repeatedly issues lice-removal shampoos to unhappy parents.

Prevention of head lice is a daily head check.

Child louse: Is he immortal like Kostěj?

The pharmacist remembers having lice herself in elementary school. “I was already in the ninth grade, puberty was on my neck, so it was a crazy mess. Plus thick, long hair. My younger sister, who was in the first grade, brought lice home. The only thing that helped me after months of suffering was bleaching my hair,” recalls Martina Lachnittová with displeasure.

The young man’s whole head is spinning

Means for removing lice do not cost just a few crowns, so according to Martina Lachnittová, they hear a lot from customers in pharmacies. For example, this happened:

Mom: “I need something for lice. The young man’s whole head is spinning.’
Pharmacy: “I’ll give you a solution, and it’s nice to put some tea tree oil in your hair as well.”
Mom: “How much does it cost?”
Pharmacy: “Solution 199 crowns and tea tree oil 129 crowns.”
Mom: “Then keep it. I have dog shampoo at home, so I’ll take that. And if it doesn’t help, then let him do what he wants with it.”

Child louse and its shadow:

Saving the hair of little princesses

Other times, on the other hand, parents are willing to spend a fortune to save their little princesses’ long hair. “I remember that this man left two and a half thousand in the pharmacy at that time,” recalls the pharmacist.

Daddy: “I need something for lice. My girls are full of it.’
Pharmacy: “I’ll recommend the shampoo here, and it’s good to put tea tree oil in your hair as well.”
Daddy: “Good. Give me five of the shampoos and two of the oils. And what else against all?”
Pharmacy: “After that, it’s important to comb regularly with the lice comb you have with those shampoos and wash everything thoroughly. Alternatively, a repellent is also made.
Daddy: “Good. Then the repellent five more times as well.’

How to properly get rid of lice

Do you suspect a head lice infestation? Then you need to act immediately. The first sign is frequent scratching of the hair, because children, but not only them, the whole head itches. “Preparations against everything are not cheap fun, but I strongly recommend not waiting for anything, not saving and taking action,” advises Martina Lachnittová.

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In the pharmacy, you can buy various shampoos, solutions, sprays and repellents. Here are Martina Lachnittová’s recommendations:

  • Choose a solution or shampoo that reaches the scalp well. It is left to act and then washed off.
  • One application is usually not enough, as nits are very resistant and can survive the entire process. So repeat the “de-lice” again, in about 7 days, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • As a rule, all products come with a comb, a so-called lice comb. It is essential to comb long hair with it daily.
  • As a prevention, it is good to apply a few drops of tea tree oil – to your hair, but also to your pillow or hat. It reliably repels parasites. Alternatively, you can buy a special repellent, which is more expensive, but also an effective option.
  • For some, as part of savings, the solution is to use dog shampoo. “I’m not saying it can’t work, but remember it’s a veterinary product. It is not intended for a delicate and sensitive child’s head, in the same way that diesel or kerosene is not suitable for it,” reminds Martina Lachnittová.
  • “If you have this difficult de-lice marathon ahead of you, I wish you strength. And don’t forget to frequently change and wash bed linen, towels, scarves, hats and everything that comes close to the head,” concludes the sympathetic pharmacist.

Who is Martina Lachnittová?Pharmaceutical assistant Martina Lachnittová.Pharmaceutical assistant Martina Lachnittová.Source: Courtesy of Martina Lachnittová

  • A pharmaceutical assistant with a great sense of humor has been entertaining her followers on her Facebook blog for a few years now Diary of a girl from the pharmacy.
  • She is an author books of the same namepublished by Albatros, and is currently writing the second book.
  • With funny observations from interviews with patients in the pharmacy, he not only wants to make us laugh, but also to educate us.
  • During the year, in the series, we will go through the hottest topics of self-treatment as she herself described them.

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