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How does the “preventive alert” that stopped Daniel Jadue’s trip operate?

“He was ready to get on the plane and he had to stay.” In this way close to Daniel Jadue (PC) comment on the scene that the mayor experienced on the night of Wednesday, April 17 at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Police Airport, when he unsuccessfully tried to board the Copa flight that would take him to Caracas, Venezuela.

The communal chief had been invited by the Nicolás Maduro regime, and as he stated in his X account, it would be a trip of only three days. However, when he appeared before the detectives, they told him that He had a “preventive alert” and that he had to wait for the prosecutor Giovanna Herrera to communicate with his lawyer, Ramón Sepúlveda.

That alert, as such, did not prevent him from leaving the national territory, but as the persecutor conveyed to his defense, If he decided to take the flight, he risked asking the court for an arrest warrant against him.. This, as stated by the North Central Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, to guarantee his appearance at the hearing where he will be formalized for different crimes.

But how does this alert operate? Does it apply to other defendants? According to sources familiar with said tool, this It is fixed on investigated targets, in causes of different kinds, and that have certain characteristics. That is, to relevant defendants.

How is the “preventive alert” that stopped Daniel Jadue’s trip at the Santiago airport issued and operated?

Thus, through a computer system that the Investigative Police (PDI) has had for years, An officer – by instruction or not from a prosecutor – can associate a citizen’s RUT with a certain observation.

In this way, the official can request that he be report in case the accused is trying to enter or leave national territory without a national arrest warrant or arrest warrant being imposed on him.

It may happen, for example, that defendants in classified cases have alerts and are still allowed to leave the country. They are not necessarily warned of the situation, but it is followed up with a view to obtaining more information for the investigation.

In the particular case of Jadue, the alert he had about him forced the detective to contact the prosecutor Giovanna Herrera, who, given the movements of the communal chief, informed him that if he left the country she could issue an arrest warrant for him.

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