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Hockey nation in shock. Rulík got loaded for the nomination. And the printer? Depressive

The Czech nomination for the hockey world championships in Prague and Ostrava caused consternation among fans and some experts. It bothers them that coach Radim Rulík did not take NHL fighters Jakub Vrána and Tomáš Nosko to the championship. Or that he did not give a chance to the young guns – the best scorer of the extra league Jakub Rychlovské and the talented Jiří Ticháček, for a change the best defender of the Czech competition.

Head coach of the national team, Radim Rulík.

| Photo: Profimedia

Embarrassment and even disillusionment reigned in the Czech hockey nation after national team coach Rulík announced the nomination for the domestic championship on Sunday evening. The fans were mainly surprised by the fact that the twenty-six-member selection lacks two offensive reinforcements from the NHL, who fought in preparation for participation in the final tournament.

“We’re doing so well that we can turn down players from the NHL,” fans marveled at the absence of Vrána and Nosko.

Radim Zohorna from the Czech Republic and Sven Jung from Switzerland in a match at the Czech Games in Brno.

Totally messed up general for the home World Cup. Czech hockey players have lost three times in a row

“I’d love to be wrong, but this is absolutely terrible. Crow he doesn’t go, even though he was slowly the best player in the preparation, Nosek doesn’t go, because probably a player who plays steadily NHL, not necessary. That team has the same quality as at the last World Cup, insufficient,” wrote one of the users of the X platform angrily.

Hockey expert and former striker Jakub Koreis, on the other hand, is annoyed that Rulík did not have the courage to invite to the championship two young men from Rychlovský from Liberec and The silent one from Kladno, the unexpected stars of this year’s extraleague season.

“There is no point in evaluating or criticizing it now. The implementation team goes with the nomination to the market with its skin, let’s leave the judgments after our team’s last match at the World Cup. I’m just sad that the Finns are taking a 17-year-old kid and we’re not going to take the 21-year-old most productive defenseman in the league and not even the 22-year-old top scorer in the league, who has been productive all season even in his junior year,” Koreis commented on the X network.

Overseas reinforcement Jakub Vrána is already preparing with the national team in Bratislava.Jakub Vrána was not nominated for the WC Source: Czech hockey

“The nomination is not a selection of ‘best available’ players. I have to say that I am enjoying this slightly surprising roster, I am curious to see what they will show on the ice. And I have to appreciate the implementation team for not being afraid to take players out of the NHL if they don’t fit into the puzzle,” shared Jiří Vítek, an analyst at O2 TV Sport.

Somber atmosphere

Some people also dwell on the gloomy atmosphere of the nomination press in Brno. “To me, the hockey press seemed even more depressing than when Nečas announced that he was resigning the next day,” commentator Jindřich Šídlo wrote on the network.

Only the championship itself will show if Rulík had a lucky hand. “In 2010, we had only two players from the NHL in the field in the nomination and it was a gold medal. Yes, some names surprised me too, but I’m not a coach. I appreciate the courage to take a player out of the NHL. Perhaps Mr. Rulík knows what he’s doing,” fan David concluded the discussion.

Czech forward and reinforcement from overseas NHL Ondřej Palát

VIDEO: Where did it come from? Palát sent the Swiss over the bar with a spectacular hit

The Czechs did not manage the final tournament of the Euro Hockey Tour. During the tournament general at the World Cup, they did not score a single point and finished last. They will meet again on Tuesday in Prague. They will enter the championship on Friday with a match against Finland starting at 8:20 p.m. I will play Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Great Britain and Canada in the other matches of the basic group A at the O2 arena.

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