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High cholesterol shortens life. An herb called stormwort can help

A health problem that people talk about a lot but don’t deal with is high blood cholesterol. It carries with it the risk of cardiovascular disease and can result in a heart attack or stroke. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and medical medications, herbs can also help people with dangerously high levels of cholesterol in their blood. He broke one of them. An inconspicuous plant with small flowers supports a normal level of cholesterol in the blood, but it can also deal with a number of other ailments.

There are several types of sedum growing here: the best known is sedum resquib, for medicinal purposes the most commonly collected sedum and sedum

| Photo: Shutterstock


“Bad” cholesterol can be dangerous

Cholesterol is very important for the human body. This waxy, fat-like substance is vital in the body for the formation of cell membranes, some hormones, and vitamin D. “Because cholesterol is fat-soluble, it needs the help of lipoproteins to travel through our bloodstream,” explains the health website Complete Care.

The two main forms of lipoproteins are HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. It is LDL cholesterol, which are low-density lipoproteins, that is considered the “bad” cholesterol. High levels of low-density lipoproteins lead to a problem that is diagnosed as high cholesterol.

All parts of the underbelly contain amounts of mucilage, a substance that soothes inflamed tissues in the mouth, throat and airways

Yellow flowers have effectively treated people since ancient times. However, they can also be dangerous

If LDL cholesterol levels are too high, fatty deposits can build up in the arteries and form plaque, which reduces blood flow throughout the body, especially the heart and brain.

Although a healthy diet is important for blood cholesterol levels, the truth is that the body makes most of its own cholesterol. This amount is partly genetically determined and can be quite high.

Nine out of ten Czechs know that high cholesterol it affects their health. Yet most of them he does not know his blood cholesterol level. A recent survey by the STEM/MARK agency found this out. According to the doctors, he has increased cholesterol level 70 percent Czech adult population. Complications associated with it can shorten human life by five to ten years.

Maria Treben also recommended Rozraz

The famous herbalist Maria Treben also mentioned the herb, which can lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. In her book, Health from God’s Pharmacy, she wrote: “Drink tea from freshly plucked rosacea some time every year – it supports the health of the arteries.”

There are several types of razrazli growing here. Most often, you will find a broken rose flower. “People call this our most abundant storm a dust storm or a thunderstorm. This name is based on the superstition that when this plant is plucked it will start raining,” the website states May of the Czech Republic.

In some areas, however, thunderstorms are also called other types of thunderstorms. For medicinal purposes, the medicinal plant and the stream plant are often collected.

According to herbalists, thanks to its ability to purify the blood, it can break down fats and metabolize cholesterol. Although scientists have not yet paid much attention to the medicinal effects of this herb, several studies have already confirmed its abilities.

Razrazil helps to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood.Razrazil helps to regulate the level of cholesterol in the bloodSource: Shutterstock

“We have demonstrated a hypocholesterolemic effect with Veronica officinalis, i.e., a reduction in blood cholesterol concentration in animals that had a high-cholesterol diet,” he states studies from 2007.

Make tea from the razaraz

The budding thread is collected at the beginning of flowering. We cut it with scissors so as not to tear the roots, and then we dry it carefully and quickly in the shade. To prevent the loss of aromatic substances, we store dried herbs in a well-closed container.

Veronica you can also eat it raw. Try adding its tender leaves in salads, soups or spreads. You can combine it, for example, with watercress, and it also goes well with the frog.

Tea made from razrazel has a bitter, warm and somewhat astringent taste. “You make it from one to two teaspoons of dried herbs to a cup of hot water,” the website says Mountain Herb Estatewhich focuses on medicinal plants.

Rozraž can be combined with other medicines in tea mixtures. You can combine the medicinal herb with, for example, thyme and green tea.

Strawberry leaves are collected until the plant blooms

Don’t wait for the strawberries. Strawberry trees also offer another treasure, right now

We can also prepare a medicinal drink from one part of rose flower buds, one part of nettle and one part of dandelion root. Pour boiling water over the mixture and let it infuse for 15 minutes.

Then strain and drink a cup a day, preferably in the morning.


A mixture of horsetail, horsetail, ergot and nettle will help with cholesterol. Mix equal parts, for example a teaspoon, of all the herbs, pour hot water over them and leave to infuse for five minutes.

The combination of these herbs helps lower cholesterol and also boosts your memory.

He broke everything he can do

It was said about the razrazel that everything impure will be taken out of the body. Thanks to its diuretic properties, it also has the ability to break up urinary stones and generally contribute to the treatment of urinary tract infections.

According to herbalists, razrazil simultaneously heals and strengthens the liver, spleen and blood and promotes good memory. It facilitates clearing of coughs, is used as a gargle for sore throats and in herbal ointments helps to treat chronic skin problems.

“Recent studies have shown that fennel tea can be an effective preventative treatment for stomach ulcers,” notes the Mountain Herb Estate website.

They were definitely broken by a nice medicine. Let the list of articles below inspire you with other plants and herbs that can be beneficial to your health:

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