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Hexadecyl for a fake doctor: The 7 signs that “witness” fraudsters

Serious clues that can help patients distinguish between real doctors and charlatans, he lists on the occasion of the new case “bogus doctor“, the President of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Athanasios Hexadaktylos.

According to what Mr. Exadaktylos reports on iatropedia.gr, the first and safest way to find out if someone who claims to be a “doctor” actually has a medical degree and is legally practicing medicine, is to contact the relevant Medical Associations, or to visit the respective websites of the local Medical Associations of the whole country.

“The registry of the Panhellenic Medical Association is under construction. However, in the Medical Associations of each region, there are the registers of doctors. That is, if a doctor is in Thessaloniki and someone joins the Medical Association of Thessaloniki, they will see if he is really a doctor or not. You will find me in the Medical Association of Thessaloniki, George Patoulis in the Medical Association of Athens, and so on. The information is posted and is easily accessible to the citizen”, says Athanasios Hexadaktylos.

“Some things call from afar”

The President of PIS lists the 7 main mistakes made by the fake doctor, who is accused so far of the death of 5 patients with Multiple Sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis)/

As he says, a true and serious doctor would never make the following mistakes:

The doctor never addresses the patient. “What doctor addresses his patients to make them well and not the other way around? The patient goes to the doctor and not the other way around,” says A. Hexadaktylos.

The doctor never says which patients he has. “The serious doctor who has a famous client as his client does not take this information out of his mouth. Because there is a medical secret, which if the doctor is as serious and great – as the particular one said he is – he keeps it. And if you are Mitsotakis’ doctor, the only thing certain is that you will never tell anyone anywhere”, he emphasizes.

Fake doctor: It’s only a matter of time before his arrest – The nitrogen show and the “miracle” vials

The doctor never sells medicine. “What doctor has the bottles in his drawer and sells them?” The doctor will write you the medicine and if you can’t take it at home, he will tell you where you should go to get it. The doctor doesn’t come back with the bottles in his bag to sell them”, he comments.

A doctor never accompanies his patient to a Medical Center in Germany. “We may refer their patients to a Center. We send them. Even if we go to operate on our patient somewhere else, we will meet him there. We will not travel with him unless we have a special and close social relationship,” he notes.

A doctor never claims to know the one and only cure that no one else knows. “In an age when knowledge is transmitted at the speed of light and applied once verified, no serious doctor would ever make such a statement.”

There are no treatments that cost 135,000 euros in Greece. “Where did you hear the 135,000 euros for such treatments? You will only pay these amounts if you have to go abroad for something extremely rare, in a very large Center. But in the Greek reality, if you need to have a major surgery, brain neurosurgery or serious cardiac surgery, you will not pay such sums. Even the bypasses, which are heavy operations, do not have such costs in Greece”, explains the president of PIS, Mr. Exadaktylos.

Experimental treatments are free for patients and are only done in hospitals. “If someone enters an experimental protocol, they do not pay. Experimental treatments are only done in hospitals. The patient is informed that it is an experimental treatment, he signs that he accepts and wants to participate in this treatment of his own free will and does not pay anything,” he concludes.

“Vulnerable and potential victims who believe in conspiracy theories”

The fake doctor and his partner in Germany to convince their potential victims resorted to the favorite argument of conspiracy theorists about … interests of pharmaceutical companies.

In particular, according to the police, they made the “argument” that because their treatment was very effective, it conflicted with the interests of the pharmaceutical companies.

They added – without providing evidence – that the specific “pioneering treatments with stem cells” were followed by famous politicians, artists and athletes.

“These patients, who from the 56,000 doctors in Greece came across this man, more or less fell victim to fraud. But they too, more or less, were looking to find what science explains to them does not exist. He was telling them some conspiracy theory and they believed it. The victims of the fraud are victims, but they also have their share. Because even in the Far West the “Wizard” who sold the magical elixir, which cured everything from baldness, syphilis, to erectile dysfunction and infertility, said these things. And the water of Kamateros, that’s what the grape treatments they did at the Iron Curtain said, that’s what they said,” emphasizes the president of the Greek doctors, Mr. Hexadaktylos.

He also adds that people should learn to trust only science and the many things it has to offer and not the sophisticates who promise “miracles”:

“The man who believes that he will find something very important and different from what exists as an offer of science for all people is a potential victim, whether he is poor or rich. Because science is currently spreading, reaching everywhere. It arrives quickly. And if there isn’t somewhere for specific reasons, there are people who will inform where one can find the treatment and recommend them to go officially. But this “unthinkable” that has been discovered by one and no one else, is the recipe for turning someone into a “victim”, whether he is poor or rich”, he concludes.

By Gianna Soulaki/iatropedia.gr

The article Hexadecyl for a fake doctor: The 7 signs that “witness” fraudsters was published on NewsIT .

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