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Hesse wants cannabis prohibition zones |

After Bavaria, Hesse is also planning to set up prohibition zones for cannabis consumption. Interior Minister Poseck announced that the new law would be “implemented as restrictively as possible” – including strict controls and its own catalog of fines.

After Federal partial legalization of cannabis Hesse is examining the establishment of cannabis prohibition zones. Coordination between the ministries is ongoing. This also applies to the plan to establish a catalog of fines with a view to the restrictions of the Cannabis Act, as Interior Minister Roman Poseck (CDU) announced.

Poseck added that the designation of cannabis prohibition zones is being examined in a similar way to alcohol prohibition zones “to avert danger”. This could apply to major events in Hesse, for example.

Cannabis fine catalog planned

The Bavarian cabinet had this last Tuesday Smoking weed at folk festivals and in beer gardens is complete forbidden, also in the English Garden in Munich. The Oktoberfest is also affected by the ban.

According to its Ministry of the Interior, Hesse is planning to implement the Cannabis Act in the most restrictive way possible so that the impact on health protection and safety is as low as possible. With regard to the ongoing coordination between the state ministries, Poseck added: “My goal is to quickly establish a catalog of fines with specific fines in Hesse as well.”

Strict controls on road traffic

The minister resigned with stoners in mind strict controls in Road traffic at. According to the Interior Ministry, the distance rules of 100 meters from kindergartens and schools set out in federal law are also consistently monitored by the police.

The “inner city offensive against crime” program has been expanded accordingly. Poseck emphasized: “The Hessian police have already started the pressure to control with a focus on the implementation of the cannabis law.”

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior is seeking regulations in-house and, for example, for the police, in order to prevent the consumption of cannabis from “impairing service operations or even causing danger, for example in security-relevant areas”.

Poseck: Cannabis law “completely failed”

Poseck reiterated his criticism of the traffic light federal government’s new cannabis law: This was “completely unsuccessful not only in its basic orientation, but also in its specific design.”

It leads to a lot of ambiguity and considerable additional effort tie up human resourceswhich would be needed elsewhere more urgently than when controlling weed smoking.

“The federal government has clearly thrown a false and unsuitable law at the feet of the states and municipalities.” Black and red in Hesse are divided on the cannabis law.

SPD Economics Minister Kaweh Mansoori spoke of an “important turnaround in Germany’s drug policy.” Previous exposure to cannabis had not proven successful.

“People sometimes consume contaminated substances illegally. So far they have been driven into the hands of criminal dealers who don’t stop at schools and young people,” emphasized the SPD deputy head of government.

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