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Hesse: Advice center reports record number of inquiries about right-wing extremism |

More and more people are seeking help in dealing with right-wing extremism and racism. The Hessen consulting network had more inquiries in 2023 than ever before. And the numbers continue to rise.

The demand for advice on the topics of right-wing extremism and racism rose to a record high in Hesse in 2023. The Hessian advisory network for democracy and against right-wing extremism registered 307 advisory cases last year – more than ever before, as the responsible Hesse Democracy Center at the Philipps University of Marburg announced on Monday.

In the previous year there were 206 cases, so the number of requests for help rose by 49 percent. “There is a clear increase, especially in advisory topics such as racism, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and anti-queer sentiment,” it said.

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Crises drive people apart

According to the Hesse Democracy Center, the reasons for the significant increase in the number of consultations can be found, among other things, in increasing right-wing extremism and populism and in brutality and hostility on the Internet. This is also triggered by many crises occurring at the same time, such as the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East or climate change.

This could lead to “general uncertainty, dwindling trust in politics and demands for simple, quick solutions that right-wing extremist circles seem to offer” for many people. Basically, the advisory network perceives “polarization tendencies” within society.

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Advisory network Hesse

The “Advice Network Hesse – together for democracy and against right-wing extremism”, funded by the state of Hesse and the federal government, provides free and confidential advice to those seeking help such as schools, parents, family members, municipalities, clubs, victims of discrimination and other affected parties in cases of right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, racism or group-related cases Misanthropy.
It also offers educational and prevention events. In 2023 there were 141, fewer than in 2022 (155). This was because “resources had to be used primarily for ongoing and the many new consulting processes,” as the network announced.

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The next negative record is imminent

Based on the current status, the record number of consulting cases from 2023 is unlikely to last for too long. In the first four months of 2024, the advisory network reported 112 cases. Extrapolated this would be more than 330 per year. The trend is “continuing upwards”.

This impression is also shared by other places. The Mobile advisory team against racism and right-wing extremism (MBT Hessen) For some time now, I have observed a decreasing inhibition threshold for making anti-human comments. Right-wing extremism has moved closer into the private environment, into the neighborhood and into the workplace, according to the latest annual report from the mobile advice centers against the right.

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Broadcast: hr-iNFO, May 13, 2024, 7 p.m

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