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He complains about the use of his image in advertising through artificial intelligence

The Oscar-winning actor has previously expressed concerns about the use of artificial intelligence in film and television

Tom Hanks warned his fans that a advertisement for a dental program in which he appears to appear, is fake and created using artificial intelligence (AI).

In a message he posted to his 9.5 million followers on Instagram, the actor stated that his image was used without his permission.

“CAUTION!!! There’s a video out there promoting some dental program with an AI version of myself. I have nothing to do with itHanks wrote on an image from the video in question.

The Oscar-winning actor has expressed in the past concerns about the use of artificial intelligence; in film and television.

However, he has endorsed the use of digitally altered versions of himself in films such as “The polar Express” of 2004 and last year “A Man Called Otto”, in scenes of which he had appeared much younger. The same will happen in the movie “Here” which will be shown in 2024.

Speaking to podcast by British comedian Adam Buxton last April, shortly before the start of the Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, Hanks had said about artificial intelligence:

“We expected this. (…) I can tell you that there are discussions in all guilds, in all organizations and in all legal offices to find the legal implications of my face and my voice – and everyone else’s – being our intellectual property.”


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