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Harry is heading to Britain, will there be a reconciliation? Kate and William also invited Meghan with the children

Troubled relations in the British royal family may soon be resolved. According to some insiders, King Charles III invited son Harry with wife Meghan and their children for the holidays. The couple could appear in Britain even earlier, thanks to the invitation of Prince William and Princess Kate.

Just Harry’s the older brother was supposed to be angry with the Sussexes, who let their mouths go for a walk and revealed information from the royal family in various interviews. But the oncological diseases of the king Karl III and William’s wife Kate probably softened the Prince of Wales’s heart. Along with Kate, he should have invited Harry, Meghan and their children Archie and Lilibet for a visit. Will there finally be a definitive reconciliation that not only Britain is waiting for?

Does Lilibet know her noble relatives?

There are several occasions in the game where members of the royal family could meet. The first of these is May 8, when it is certain that Prince Harry will appear in his native country. He will attend the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Invictus Games, which he founded. And since it is a planned trip, they had William and Kate to say that they would invite all of Harry’s family. Recently, they have been in contact, for example, Meghan herself was supposed to call Kate and support her in her fight against the disease.

Meghan and Harry may soon appear in the UK

Harry and Meghan are expanding their business. But in Britain, they got a kick out of them

If Meghan accepts the invitation, it would be her first visit to Britain since the Queen’s funeral Elizabeth II in 2022. At the same time, the couple left five years ago, and Meghan only looked at her husband’s native country after that. She didn’t even come to the prince’s funeral Philip, who died a year before the queen. Therefore, the members of the royal family never saw little Lilibet, who was born in 2021.

Big wedding anniversary celebrations

Harry and Meghan’s wedding anniversary could be another opportunity to meet, according to royal family experts. On May 19, they will celebrate six years since they said their “yes”. Even if it’s not a round number, given the not-so-happy situation in the royal family, even a small celebration counts. And if this deadline doesn’t work out either, there’s still an invitation from King Charles III, who was supposed to invite the entire Sussex family to his Scottish residence, Balmoral, where they would spend part of the summer together.

Think back to when Meghan was still part of the royal family:

Source: Youtube

Rapprochement thanks to children

It is the children who should be the unifying element in the royal family. Since its members only buried Archie in their arms, they can look forward to little Lilibet. And since Harry’s children are now even bigger, they will play with William and Kate’s children, which will make everyone even more tender. If that happens, it’s likely that Kate, a passionate photographer, will capture these unique family moments. The only thing that matters is whether Harry, and especially Meghan, nods to some of the invitations. According to British royal family expert Tom Quinn, this is the perfect chance for the couple to make a comeback. “Meghan and Harry can improve their public image, but they will have to swallow their pride in a way,” Quinn told the newspaper The Mirror.

Members of the British royal family (from left): Queen Camilla, King Charles III, Prince William and Princess Kate

Like the daughter he never had. A common fight with cancer brought Kate and Karl III closer together.

Will there finally be forgiveness?

The Sussexes have angered the royal family a lot. It already started in Britain, from which they finally left years ago, then they did not please their relatives when they sold their privacy in an interview with the presenter Oprah Winfrey, in which it was heard, for example, that some members of the royal family discussed the skin color of the then unborn Archie.

Harry’s book Spare (Spare), in which the prince also published information that should have remained secret, was not a happy venture either. It is precisely because the British royal family doesn’t talk much about themselves that a lot of speculation arises. Not only those regarding the mentioned invitations to the island kingdom, there are also assumptions about Meghan’s pride, which is supposed to dictate the conditions under which she will appear in Buckingham Palace or another family residence.

Meghan and Harry may soon appear in the UK

Meghan tries a new tactic. She personally supported Princess Kate in her fight against the disease

True reconciliation versus calculation

As both sides remain silent, fans from both royal camps play out their fantasies. Some accuse the Sussexes of just taking the opportunity to get back into the royal family’s favor, because if it weren’t for the illness of King Charles in particular, no one would have considered a reconciliation. Thomas Quinn also floated the idea that Meghan might come, but not bring the kids. There were even speculations that he was demanding an apology for all the abuse. According to the media image, the members of the royal family are on the sharpest of knives, but even the greatest expert on blue blood does not know what is happening between the walls of Buckingham Palace.

The Sussexes now live in the United States. Harry even declares that he feels American:

Meghan is a proud American.  But Harry?  Is he still British?Meghan is a proud American. But Harry? Is he still British?Source: Profimedia

Reality or fans’ wishes?

Even though Harry and Meghan must have upset their relatives a lot, no one paid them back in return. The royal family doesn’t comment on a lot of things, and when it comes to scandalous ones, not at all. And it is true that even some journalists are afraid to ask about it. Only one tried after the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah. Then he passed Prince William at an event and asked about the case regarding speculation about Archie’s skin color. William just blurted out that there are definitely no racists in their family.

So it’s hard for anyone to be sure what Harry and Meghan will do and what invitations actually apply. Perhaps this is the wishful thinking of fans of the monarchy, just as the naysayers of Harry and Meghan may be exaggerating.

Prince William with Catherine, Princess of Wales.  Both remain the most popular members of the royal family.  Illustrative image

Princess Kate is already the most popular member of the royal family. Letters also helped

Illness gives hope

It is indeed sad, but the serious illnesses of the king and princess can radically change the relationships in the family. First, Charles III himself. after all, he has no idea if he has less time left, and he would still like to spend it with those closest to him, i.e. his son’s family. And Kate’s illness may in turn bring her closer to sister-in-law Meghan, because women stick together in this. Harry and Meghan proved that relations in the royal family are not at freezing point when they publicly wished Princess Kate a speedy recovery. So it remains to be seen if this situation will have a somewhat fairytale ending, as befits the royal family.

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