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Harrison Ford didn’t find true love until he was 60. They also overcame a plane crash

Actors Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart may have seemed like an unlikely couple to fans at first, but their love has stood the test of time. They fell in love twenty-two years ago, that’s exactly the age difference between them.

They started dating after the Golden Globe Awards in 2002, where they met. Ford she was sixty years old, which does not change the fact that she is an actress Ally McBeal fell madly in love. There is potential for deafening love at every stage of life. Even if the person has had two failed marriages, and Ford had that.

Who poured wine on whom?

It was said that she poured wine on Calista Ford at those Golden Globes. In reality, however he was, who had clumsy hands. Fortunately, the actress forgave him for the faux pas. “Before the accident, we talked for about twenty minutes,” Calista explained to Hello! magazine. As it later turned out, this funny story from the first meeting was just one of the many strange things in their relationship.

The last time Harrison Ford portrayed the famous hero was in Indiana Jones and the Gun of Destiny (2023):

Source: Youtube

Banned by Ally McBeal

He the famous Indiana Jones, she the likeable Ally McBeal. That would be so they didn’t know each other before. Calista allegedly absolutely loved Harrison in the 1986 film Mosquito Coast, and before they met, he occasionally glanced at the famous series about a young lawyer, which she, by the way, forbade him to watch when they started dating. However, not one of them thought at the time that life was preparing a certain scenario for both of them together.

Cowboys, intruders and a wedding

It took Ford seven years to decide to propose to his love. He did so romantically on Valentine’s Day while they were on holiday together with son Liam. The actress adopted him before they met. They got married a year later on June 15, 2010, after eight years of courtship and raising a child together… A secret and discreet ceremony took place.

Harrison Ford (left) with Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

QUIZ: Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Rick Deckard. Do you know Harrison Ford’s roles well?

Few couples decide to get married while on the road for a work project. Ford and Flockhart said YES in New Mexico, the same state where the actor happened to be filming the sci-fi western Cowboys and Haters. The guest list also looked very modest, including nine-year-old son Liam and Barbara Richardson, wife of Governor Bill Richardson, who was giving them away. Even the film’s director later admitted that he had no idea about their wedding.

He is learning to write texts

Indiana Jones or Han Solo, these are Ford’s iconic roles. Although he is a capable actor, he is still old school. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Calista Flockhart revealed to her husband that he only started learning to text a few years ago. Until then, they only communicated remotely by phone. “Smilies were a complete Spanish village for him,” laughed Harrison’s wife.

“I want to tell stories that will have an impact on us, that will make us more empathetic through experiences.  It makes us better people,

Harrison Ford: Actor and carpenter in his youth, shines again as Indiana Jones in his eighties

Love to fly

The actor has a pilot’s license and flying has become his passion. He’s thrilled to share it with his life partner, who fell in love with his time in the air because of him, seeing her husband doing something he loves and trusting him at the same time. Unfortunately, that confidence was shattered in 2015 when Ford had to make an emergency landing on a golf course due to mechanical failure. At that time he flew in his plane, which he acquired from the air arsenal of the Second World War.

He survived but broke his pelvis. Fifty-year-old Calista was with him the whole time in the hospital. “I think it makes you realize that everything can be different in a second and we have to cherish every moment we’re here,” she told the magazine after his recovery People. Naturally, she later allowed Ford to board the plane again, but since then she has not sat down with him in the historic machine.

He looks like a little boy in the morning

Many continue to shake the big age difference of the spouses, but this does not worry the two. “Age does not play a role in our relationship at all. I like how it looks in the morning. He is so cute. He looks like a little boy,” said Calista in an interview with Hello!

Indiana Jones and the Tool of Fate (2023)

Indiana Jones cracked the whip for the last time. It’s still fun, but it’s more of a Bond girl

It is obvious that insight and humor reign in their home. At the same time, they respect each other and still love each other. Those who want to be inspired by this couple can follow Harrison’s advice, which reads: “Shut up and just nod.” The old saying goes that a happy woman means a happy life.” This explains a lot…

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