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Groundbreaking amendment: How to share electricity? To yourself or among neighbors

Preparations for electricity sharing are being completed. A groundbreaking amendment to the Energy Act will allow people to do this from July 1. The Union for Community Energy has now presented a how-to cookbook. The brake, according to them, can be the replacement of electricity meters. In the overview, the newspaper focused on so-called active customers, for example cottagers interested in using the overflows from solar panels in their apartments or neighbors in family houses. Larger projects will already be covered by energy communities.

Preparations for electricity sharing are being completed. A groundbreaking amendment to the Energy Act will allow people to do this from July 1.

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Why embark on electricity sharing?
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the cost of electricity will be reduced for active customers who will manage their consumption over time. Example: Neighbors in detached houses have solar panels. Some have batteries, some stay in the home with children or in the home office during the day. “When they share their overflows with each other, they save money and put less strain on the network,” Tomáš Jagoš, chief coordinator of the Union for Community Energy, commented on the example in the new manual. According to the data obtained, consumption in the sharing group can be further optimized in the future, such as the timing of starting the washing machine or heating the water in the electric boiler.

A fundamental turning point in energy is here.  Deputies approved an amendment to the law, thanks to which households or municipalities can share clean electricity from July next year

Revolution in Czech energy. Experts expect a boom in electricity sharing

What does the principle work on?
It is a virtual accounting operation, not a physical transmission of electricity. It consists in adjusting the invoice from the supplier and possibly reducing the bills, i.e. savings. An active customer or energy community shares electricity produced from renewable resources (most often solar panels). In the case of conventional electricity supply, the trader resells it.

How much is it?
Shared electricity
can be provided free of charge, for example in the family or for an agreed fee. However, the customer also pays for it the full amount of the distribution fee and other regulated components of the price. The public distribution system is still used. The exception is sharing through apartment buildings, where fees do not apply. These will be part of the invoice from the (non-shared) electricity supplier.

Sharing electricityClick to enlargeSource: Courtesy of UKEN

How does the sharing of electricity by an active customer work?
Both people and legal entities can share. There will be sharing groups, people and their factories. One can have a maximum of 11 members (registration numbers of EAN collection points). For the greatest savings, it is a good idea to connect those who consume electricity at the time when you have an overflow, and vice versa. The ideal goal is to minimize the overflow in the generated electricity in each measured fifteen-minute interval.

What is EAN for?
It is the electricity meter code to identify the point of consumption.

Source: Youtube

Do territorial restrictions apply?
Not for an active customer. Unlike the energy community, sharing is possible across the whole of the Czech Republic. “A cottager who goes to a cottage in Posázaví only on weekends does not have to sell the overflow from his solar panels to a merchant at a low price, but can share half of it with an apartment in Prague and the other half with his mother in Aš,” explained Jagoš.

Need a new resource?
No. Even the existing installed production plant will suffice. However, the power plant must not be connected only in a simplified mode, which does not allow overflows. It must have a guaranteed reserved performance with the distributor.

Sharing electricityClick to enlargeSource: Courtesy of UKEN

What else is technically required for sharing?
Installed electricity meter with continuous measurement, or so-called smart, at every connected point of consumption. This can be a problem at the start of community energy. Photovoltaic owners already have them for free, but requests for additional places and free installation of electricity meters will probably start only after July 1, when sharing starts. “In the case of an earlier application, there is a risk that the applicant will pay additional installation costs himself,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade warned. Experts therefore fear a delay. “The installation of continuous measurement takes approximately three months. Mandatory registration with the Energy Data Center (EDC) will take another month,” said lawyer Eliška Beranová from Frank Bold Advokáti. Those interested may miss out on this year’s sunny summer months.

What other steps need to be taken beforehand?
In addition to the request for continuous measurement at the distributor and free registration at the EDC, an agreement between the sharing participants or the conclusion of an agreement on the conditions for later billing is required shared electricity between themselves. Its volume can be found at the Energy Data Center, or from the trader’s invoice.

The first smart village is growing in South Moravian Starovice.  The combination of photovoltaics and heat pumps should ensure energy savings

Electricity sharing is coming. The amendment should bring savings for many households

Is it possible to track consumption and sharing also currently?
Photovoltaic owners can monitor current production in an app on their mobile phone. Other systems are emerging, including electricity sharing management for active customers and energy communities. For example, from EMC System Solutions. “We are developing and testing the marfa application so that it can communicate with the data center and the Energy Regulatory Office. It will facilitate the complete management of the energy community,” said company director Martin Krupa.

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