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Grêmio scores at the end and wins victory over Atlético-MG

Credit: Twitter / Grêmio

Grêmio conquered its first victory in the Women’s Brasileirão on the night of this Monday (6), by defeating Atlético-MG, by 2 to 1, in Eldorado do Sul. Imortal’s goals were achieved by Caty and Raquel, on the other hand, Soraya secured the goal from Minas Gerais.

With the triumph, Grêmio scored three more points and took seventh place in the competition, with four. In relation to Atlético-MG, the Vingadoras occupy the thirteenth place in the competition, with zero points.

Grêmio 2 x 1 Atlético-MG

The team from Rio Grande do Sul tried to dictate the pace of the match at the beginning of the game. In this way, Grêmio opted to attack on the flanks, while Atlético-MG maintained its cohesive and well-articulated defense. In the first danger, Raquel got rid of the marking and handed the ball to Caty, who kicked from the edge of the area. Nicole made a good save for the Rooster.

The bid stimulated Grêmio, which opted for a greater presence in the attack. At 30, Natane was brought down by Jorelyn in the area. Caty took the penalty with category for the Tricolor team.

With the disadvantage on the scoreboard, Atlético-MG advanced their marking lines, which caused a great impact on the Grêmio defensive sector. With better opportunities, the Avengers almost tied with Ingrid Guerra, who kicked in the left-handed corner.

Galo managed to find the way to the goal at 31 of the second half. Luana Rodrigues advanced on the left and ended up knocked down in the area. Soraya successfully took the penalty.

Grêmio surprised Atlético-MG at the end of the match. After a back-and-forth in the area, Dani Ortelan raised it to Raquel, who defined the win from Rio Grande do Sul. Final score, 2 to 1.

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