Grêmio makes decision on Luan’s future at the club



Credit: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio

Luan hasn’t won the minutes he expected in the Guild in 2023 and, with a contract only until the end of December, there was uncertainty about his career for next year. However, according to journalist Diogo Rossi, the club made the decision to give the opportunity to Luan play more regularly in the 2024 Campeonato Gaúcho.

With this, his contract will be renewed at least until the end of Gauchão so that he has the chance to change the destiny of his career. Grêmio wants Luan to go through a kind of test at Gauchão, and thus find out if he has the competitive conditions to remain in the squad for the rest of 2024.

His current contract with Tricolor Gaúcho is for productivity, but he did not hit a series of triggers. To date, he has only played five games in 2023.

The 30-year-old player was revealed at Tanabi, in the interior of São Paulo, and passed through the América-SP base, until arriving at Catanduvense. In 2013 he was hired by Grêmio, where he joined the academy, and in 2014 he was included in the main team, and in his first year he played in 50 games.

He continued at Grêmio, winning the Copa do Brasil in 2016, but it was in 2017 that he reached his peak. He was the ‘King of America and champion of the Copa Libertadores with Tricolor. However, in 2019 he dealt with injuries and at the end of the same year he was hired by Corinthians.

Between 2020 and 2021, he played in 75 games for Timão, but scored only nine goals and became criticized. In 2022 he played three times and was loaned to Santos, where he took to the field on just eight occasions, scoring one goal.

Finally, he returned to Corinthians, but did not go to the field, being negotiated in July, free of charge, with Grêmio. There were only five matches played by Luan at Grêmio in 2023.

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