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“Great experience Omonia-APOEL / We would claim a championship in Serbia”

Veliko Simic was a guest on the Total Green show on Monday night (4/9).

The Serbian winger of Omonia, who scored the second goal in the victory over APOEL, spoke, among other things, about the “eternal” derby, his goal, the level of our league and the trefoil as well as his level of readiness.

In detail what he said…

On the atmosphere in his first derby: “It was a great experience. There was tension, it reminded me of the Belgrade derbies, they are very similar.”

The feeling the victory left him with: “We were very happy, I understand that this game means a lot to the world, it’s not just three points. It was difficult after the bad result we had previously and that made the success even more important.”

On his first goal and how he read the phase: “It was a great reaction from Charalambous in the center, I saw Kakoulis who ran to the side, I knew he was going to make the turn and I felt I had to run.”

On how he experienced the Italian’s refereeing: “He made his decisions. We can’t do anything about it, it doesn’t change anything, in the end it was a real derby, with a lot of dismissals but the important thing is that we won.”

If he saw the other teams and what he thinks about the level of the league: “It’s a very good league, the level is high, there are many good players.”

If you singled out teams or players: “It’s hard to say, I didn’t see all the teams and all the players. My teammates informed me about some. Paphos is a very good team, I also saw Aris in Europe with Slovan. Very serious team. We will fight with them.”

For the Omonia level: “He would definitely be on top. It’s hard to say a position, but he would probably claim the title with Red Star and Partizan.”

On whether it was adapted and at what level of readiness it is: “I came in July, I didn’t prepare with the team so I wanted some time to adapt and prepare physically. Now I feel much better and I expect to improve my game.”

On his relationship with also Serbo Miletić and the others: “Nemanya is a good friend, I’ve known him for a long time. We were rivals but we always had respect for each other, he’s a great guy, he’s helped me here from the start. But also with the other guys in the locker room they are very positive and that was helpful.”

On his decision to come to Omonia: “There was contact with Omonia in mid-July and everything ended quickly, in 7-8 days. I chose Omonia because they were serious, they wanted to bring me and I decided it was a good move for me.”

On Jansson saying he plays three positions and where he prefers to play: “I usually play in all three positions. Maybe I spent more time behind the striker and on the left but I can also play on the right.”

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